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Everyone WALX for a reason

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Almost every day we see articles about how walking is good for you and why you should be active outdoors so we thought we would explore the reasons people DO and DON’T go out walking!

Whether its simply a way to get to work or school, for recreation, fitness or health – everyone WALX for a reason and at WALX we make sure that they get exactly the results they want from every step! In fact our aim is to exceed expectations and to also address the reasons many folk still use as to why they don’t walk!

WALX for pleasure

We all know the feelgood factor that can be gained from a bracing walk with stunning views, to a pub with a crackling fire, along a wild beach or through an enchanted Forest. Even in the City, there are walking routes that take in the history, sights and open spaces which will leave you refreshed and energised.

Since Victorian times, it has been acknowledged that a walk in the local Park is great for both body and mind and there is plenty of recent research that suggests being immersed in nature can boost your mood. Walking is also a great way to spend time with friends and family and of course, those of a four legged variety too! Take a second to research the amazing green spaces near you and step outside to experience the simple pleasure of moving naturally in the great outdoors! We bet that pretty soon you will notice that you have relaxed and are beginning to enjoy what we at WALX call SMILAGE!

One of the key reasons, people don’t adhere to their new Year exercise regimes is that they simply did not enjoy it so another key ingredient of WALX  is that our sessions are always fun and sociable too.  If you want to enjoy a stunning local scenic walk with like minded, friendly people – check out our EXPLORER WALX. All you need to do is register and book.

WALX with a Purpose

Some folk find going for a stroll a bit tame and they like to make every step count (often literally as they monitor their steps and speed via a fitness tracker). There are long distance walkers who love to conquer the iconic National trails or enter challenge events like the 100k race to the stones on one of Britains oldest trails the Ridgeway which ends at Avebury in Wiltshire. Some sign up for charity walks and there are loads to choose form – check out Macmillan Cancer Treks and  Alzheimers Society

Whilst adding more miles or walking faster is a great way to build on fitness, many of us simply do not have the time to dedicate to it and often walking is over looked as an effective way to exercise because of this. Many turn to running instead or the dreaded gym because they want fast results from every minute spent exercising but at WALX we have a secret weapon and know exactly how to use walking to improve overall fitness.

Our TOTAL BODY WALX are specially designed to contain the key elements essential to fitness – cardiovascular, stamina strength and even flexibility. These one hour super WALX turn every step into a workout and work the whole body but they never take away the pleasure of being outdoors in beautiful surroundings. Always lead by experienced fitness professionals who have been trained to deliver our bespoke TOTAL BODY WALX concept, its a fun way to lose weight, tone up and make the most of the natures gym!

Another  great way of walking with a purpose is to use to actually get somewhere like work,even if you take the bus or train part of the way or park a few blocks away. Once you have formed the habit, it will feel natural and you will arrive at work more energised, less stressed and full of ideas too! For those with young children, forget the stress of trying to park outside school gates, your local WALX Master can help you set up a walking bus scheme or perhaps a daily mile initiative where parents can join in and get fit alongside the youngsters.

WALX for health and wellness

At WALX we also understand what it’s like to feel sluggish, unfit or perhaps dealing with a health issue that makes exercising difficult. Many of our Instructors have felt the same at some point and have been so inspired by the power of walking, that they have joined our ranks in order to support others who may be struggling. There is no such thing as too slow as far as we are concerned, we have WALX for all levels and have specific sessions where we can help you build your fitness, manage health conditions and rehabilitate from injuries etc. We take pride in not turning anyone away and positively love seeing people gain confidence and fitness with every step. Our community WALX programmes and rehab WALX programmes help us to get as many people as possible out and walking! We train our WALX Masters to understand rehabilitation and medical conditions and to work alongside medical professionals to provide safe, supportive and affordable exercise.

WALX for relaxation

For many of us, the hustle and bustle of daily life leaves little time to take care of our mental health and at this time of year, the bookstores are packed with books on mindfulness. A quick scan through and we bet you will soon find a chapter on how walking can help you to calm the mind and connect with nature. Many writers find that a walk will help them work through a story line whilst inventors often state that  their best ideas where formed when out walking. This is because the rhythmical action of walking, combined with fresh air and beautiful scenery can help clear the daily ‘clutter’ from your thoughts. It’s this link that also makes walking the perfect partner for Yoga or Tai Chi which both also work on key elements of good health such as balance and strength. ” There’s nothing better than walking to a stunning glade to practice Yoga sequences” says Janine Lewis a WALX Master from Reading ( see walx3jfitness.co.uk) who sees how people visibly relax on her WELLNESS WALX.

Sadly despite walking being the best way to ward off ill health, obesity, depression, and even dementia …. a huge percentage of the population don’t WALK nearly enough and they all have reasons for this of course. Once again the Team at WALX are determined to reduce these ‘reasons’ that people use for not getting their daily steps in. In fact, we’ve got an answer for every excuse – here goes!!

  1. I don’t have the time to walk! Yep we addressed that one above – just use our workout tips or join a session to make every step worthwhile and you won’t need to be be out for hours
  2. I’m worried about where to walk or of getting lost!– Definitely no need to worry about that with our WALX clubs, every start location is brilliantly described with all you need to know about parking etc too. The WALX are all lead by qualified insured professionals who have pre walked the route and know all the short cuts if needed.
  3. I get bored when walking! – Seriously? You are not walking with the right folk in the right places – we guarantee that one excursion with WALX will dispel that myth and have you grinning from ear to ear. Remember we are all about SMILAGE! We also like to keep progressing you and tempting you to try try new walking experiences. People join us for one reason and are soon trying different types of WALX  or coming away on day trips, breaks and holidays. Our slogan is also “You’ll never WALX alone” and it’s being with like minded people that adds the extra oomph to our WALX.
  4. Walking is too slow for me! Hmmm, We’ve been through this one above. Add some speed drills or try nordic walking and you will soon regret saying that. Its all too easy to break into a run because it feels like you are working harder but are you working your whole body and improving your posture? We say NO! Are you moving naturally and reducing the risk of injury? We often say NO to that too – especially for beginners. There really is a lot of truth in the saying YOU NEED TO LEARN TO WALK BEFORE YOU CAN RUN!
  5. I don’t live in the Countryside –  Fear not, we have groups who offer WALX pretty much everywhere. In urban areas our WORKPLACE WALX are great lunchtime energisers whilst Mum’s with pushchairs or dog walkers can add a bit of sociality and exercise to their daily outings in the local Park with their local WALX group.

So if you still haven’t experienced the power of walking……….. make 2020 the year you take steps to find out  just how amazing it is. JOIN WALX the fresh way to exercise.


Our new website is nearly finished but in the meantime find out more HERE

P.S – If there are no WALX in your area yet, we may be in need of  WALX MASTERS so get in touch if you think you could inspire others to get out more!

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