9am Power of Poles induction Course

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Thomas Hill

Surfs up #sea #surfing #surfinglife #seavees #travel #summertime

Thomas Hill

Surfs up #sea #surfing #surfinglife #seavees #travel #summertime

Thomas Hill

Surfs up #sea #surfing #surfinglife #seavees #travel #summertime

Thomas Hill

Surfs up #sea #surfing #surfinglife #seavees #travel #summertime

Thomas Hill

Surfs up #sea #surfing #surfinglife #seavees #travel #summertime

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Power of Poles Intro Course (no-discount)

Price: £20.00

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Hosted By:

Elizabeth Kerley

Walk Description:

Find out how to use fitness walking poles to achieve the results YOU want.This course will help you select the right kind of poles and use them for health, fitness, fun or challenges.

The POWER of POLES Induction is totally unique in that it explores the use of both strapless and Nordic walking poles to aid the user gain the best technique and results!Taught over 2 sessions of 1.5 hours duration, the course starts with the strapless moulded handle fitness walking poles devised by our partners Urban Poling in Canada. This enables youto gain greater core engagement and master the upper elements that provide propulsion, support and increased exercise benefits.Once you have mastered these essential basics you get to explore the traditional Nordic walking straps and movements.

“We are confident that after the first session people have the ability to join our WALX and gain the whole body effect of the strapless poles” says Martin Christie of WALX “so we will be issuing FREEDOM passports to those who feel this is the right level for them” This means they can enjoy Nordic WALX with any WALX group across the UK and also with our partners Nordic Walking UKBroken into two 1.5 hour sessions, (the second being optional), this course will ensure you get the correct movement and techniques from the start and progress to part two to gain more advanced skills


IMPORTANT - Due to current Covid-19 requirements and protocols 

1 - Participants must respect social distancing & stay 2m apart wherever possible (min 1m+) and respect other participants personal space upon arrival, during and when leaving a session. 

2 - Participants must adhere to instructions given by the instructor at all times including walking patterns adopted by the group. 

3 - Face coverings are optional. However please bring one with you in case they are needed (a scarf or similar is fine). It is also advisable to bring a small bottle of hand sanitiser with you. 

4 - Strapless poles are loaned for the course. All poles are disinfected between use and quarantined for 72 hours before use. To maintain hygiene standards poles are not loaned for regular classes.  Upon completion of your course, your NWUK Freedom Passport will give you a year's free membership of NWUK and the discounted members prices for poles. 

5 - Our online booking system features a new health questionnaire asking you to update your health status. If between booking and the course date you or someone close to you feels unwell please err on the side of caution and cancel your booking. Your fee will be recredited to your Exercise-Anywhere account so you can book another date or you can be refunded. 

It is essential to register and book in advance online.

We are adhering to strict Covid-19 social distancing protocol. Please bring a face mask, disposable gloves , your own supply of hand sanitising gel / wipes and a drink in a small rucksack. Bring your mobile phone any medications you may needPlease do not book on for for a  group WALX if you think you may have symptoms, or do have symptoms or have been in contact with some one who has symptoms. Thank you for your understanding.

We will be walking on both grass and paths so make sure you’re wearing supportive walking boots or shoes/trainers with a good tread that you are happy to get dirty and comfortable clothing appropriate for the weather. Paws will be required (on and off on different terrains). Hats, sunscreen and insect repellent will also be required when the weather dictates it!