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Pace: Moderate

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Explorer WALX

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Hosted By:

Janet Bryant

Walk Description:


Abbotswell, Frogham and Gorley Common

On Friday mornings we go for a 1.5 hour MODERATE PACED WALX specifically for those who want more than a gentle walk but with great company along the way!

After taking in the pond, the pretty village of Hyde and the resident donkeys, we will pick up the pace a bit as we cross Gorley Common returning via Ogdens and the edge of the Prairie.

Friday mornings are all about turning a walk into a workout at a moderate pace! You don't need to be able to Nordic walk, but poles will be available should you wish to have a go.


There are no gates or stiles. There are hills but most people should be able to tackle them. There is a very real possibility of encountering grazing livestock such as ponies, cows and donkeys. at this time of year there may also be pigs (pannage season has started) The very nature of the New Forest terrain means that springs pop up in unexpected places after heavy rain so please make sure you wear waterproof footwear (no wellies)! Dogs are welcome but Fido may need to be on a lead some of the time. Please make sure you have filled out a dog disclaimer form from Janet before bringing your pooch.


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