Power of poles session 1

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Power of Poles Intro Course (no-discount)

Price: £18.00

Quick Info:

  • 2 Miles
  • Sat 23rd October
  • 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
  • Cumnor Rd, Cumnor, Oxford OX2 9LU, UK
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Hosted By:

Joy Morris

Walk Description:

Find out how to use fitness walking poles to achieve the results YOU want and fully understand Nordic walking.   This course will help you understand how to select the right kind of poles and use them for health, fitness, fun or challenges.   Broken into 2 x 1.5 hours sessions ( the second being optional) this course will ensure you get the correct movement and techniques from the start and progress to part two to gain more advanced skills.   On completion of this first session, you will receive a Freedom Passport, which allows you to participate in any of the 2500 Adventure walks per week, available Nationwide.   If you want to continue to a more advanced level of walking with poles, there is a second session available in the afternoon or at a later date. There is a 30min lunch break between sessions - lunch is available at the cafeteria or bring your own.   Toilets are available around the reservoir.   Sanitised strapless poles are provided - but please bring your own poles if you have them.