Clarendon Palace Ruins (with friendly llamas!)

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Pace: Moderate

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Explorer WALX

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WALX Salisbury

Walk Description:

This Explorer WALX takes us on the Clarendon Way, a footpath linking Salisbury to Winchester and passing through the Clarendon Estate close to the 12th-century ruins of Clarendon Palace.

The palace was a royal residence during the Middle Ages and now lies within the grounds of Clarendon Park.

A truly lovely walk on good paths & incredible views back towards the Cathedral, with an incline on the approach to the ruins on a rutted track.         

Good footwear is essential as we will walk on a muddy path at the start and cross an arable field which may be rather muddy after rainfall. Most of the walk is on good tarmac and gravel tracks with grass around the palace ruins.

Llamas are free to roam in the area and are very gentle and used to the public.

There are a number of gates but no stiles. Poles optional.