Abbeys and Priories - Part 1

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Susan Spall

Walk Description:

North of the river walk, leaving from Haslam Park, walking through Ashton on Ribble past the site of the old Tulketh hall, which also used to be a monastery. Will walk down onto Riversway which used to be the path of the River Ribble until the docks where built. Walk a well-known path round the docks and then back up through Ashton Park where another big house was owned by a Preston banker James Peddar.  

St Andrews Church, foundation stone laid in 1835, constructed in sandstone, inside are 3 monuments to the Peddar family, who lived on Ashton Park and contributed to the building of the church, churchyard contains war graves of a RAF officer WW1, army dental corps and royal Air medical corps WW2.  

Tulketh Monastery/Hall. Monks of Tulketh abbey where part of the reformed Benedictine order. They travelled from Avranches, France and arrived on 4th July 1124. Suggestion is they used pre-existing buildings probably part of Tulketh castle. They only stayed 3 years possibly because land around would have been to marshy.

Tulketh Hall was lived in by 3 families in the 17th and 18th centuries, the last such family the Heskeths but was sold to cover their debts. Used for many things since then, vicarage for St marks, home for working boys, industrial home for Roman catholic Boys, offices for Tulketh mill, during WW2 records office got damaged with fire 1952, demolished 1960. For the original docks to help with the shallowness, from its multiple channels one channel was cut, called the gut was dredged up to Lytham. This still restricted large vessels so in 1883 parliament passed the Preston Dock Act to allow the construction of the docks. The diversion of the river Ribble and evacuation of a large basin was started in 1884.


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Walk speed guide:

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