WALX Activity: Open Explorer WALX - Fyfield Downs & the Ridgeway

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Explorer Open WALX

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WALX Wessex

Walk Description:

From one hour WALX in your local country park to a half day in the hills, our Explorer WALX capture the variety of scenery, themes and types of WALX that suit your lifestyle.

Today`s Walk: Today we are at Fyfield Downs for a longer walk across the Marlborough Downs - 8.5 miles - taking in Totterdown Woods towards Rockley and Temple Bottom and then back along the Ridgeway and the Valley of the Stones. 

This walk is a longer walk and is open to non-polers. If you would like to try poles please contact me in advance to arrange to borrow some of our strapless activiator poles. 

There are no facilities on this walk so please bring a drink and snack for a mid walk break.

Please observe all Covid 19 Guidelines.

Length and Grade: A 8.5 mile walk - with undulations. LOnger walk so bring plenty of water, snacks for a mid walk break.

Location: Start at the car park at the top of Downs Lane. Leaving Marlborough on the westbound A4 turn right towards Manton House and Hollow. Follow the lane for a mile and turn into the car park at the top of the lane on the left. It is behind the trees - bridleway sign is visible. If you end up at some large gates then you have gone too far.

Notes: There are no facilites on this walk so please bring a picnic for a mid walk break where we can sit and take in the views (weather permitting). There maybe livestock which we will re-route around if we need to and maybe some mud or overgrown paths.