WALX Activity: Gait Barrows National Nature Reserve

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Pace: Moderate

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Explorer WALX

Price: £9.00

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Main Instructor:

Sean Bolland (WALX Preston)

Walk Description:

This walk takes us through the gem that is Gait Barrows National Nature Reserve; ‘Lying at the heart of the Silverdale Arnside AONB, Gait Barrows National Nature Reserve is one of Britain’s most important limestone landscapes made up of a diverse mosaic of limestone and peatland habitats.

The NNR contains an intricate mosaic of limestone habitats that are home to a rich variety of exciting and often rare wildlife. From open rock pavements to damp fen; from deep yew forest to the tranquillity of Hawes Water, there is much to see on this visit to Gait Barrows.’

There are a number of styles on this route but they are all sturdy.

The route is 5.5 miles.


Meeting Point; Gait Barrows car park, ///done.stung.barrel. Nearest postcode is 1 mile away, Challen Hall LA5 0JF so best to only use W3W.

Parking is free but you can make a donation to Natural England if you want at the car park. 


It is essential to register and book in advance online. 

It is advisable to wear a bum bag with a water bottle or hydration pack. Do bring a high energy snack to have on the hoof or as soon as we finish. Wear comfortable clothing that suitable for the weather.?Do wear sturdy grippy shoes. 

We respect people`s busy agendas and do like to start promptly. Please arrive 5 minutes early for your class and be ready to start on time. 

Walk speed guide: Gentle stroll - Gear 1 - Nice pace that you can do for extended periods. 2-2.5mph (these generally are our Wellness walks) 

Easy walk - Gear 2 - Faster pace gained through technique. Expect Gear 2 at times throughout the walk with occasional photo stops. 2.5mph (Most of our 1-hour Explorer walks) 

Moderate walk - Gear 2/3 - Faster again using technique and with less recovery. Very little stopping. 2.5mph-3mph+ (these are generally Total Body Walx, but also explore this pace on our Explorer and Adventure walks) 

Strenuous walk - gear 3/4 (these are generally Total Body Walx, but also explore this pace on our Explorer and Adventure walks). 

You are asked to contact your WALX Guide by phone, leaving a voicemail or sending an sms text to the number listed below, if you are likely to be delayed as we do start classes promptly. 

Whilst we do understand that sometimes it is not possible to make a class, please be aware that we do operate a no refund policy if you give us less than 2 hours’ notice. 

All activities are undertaken at your own risk.  We cannot be held responsible for any injuries or accidents incurred. We undertake to deliver all classes with qualified staff and have made every effort to risk assess all WALX. On occasions it is necessary to make dynamic risk assessment decisions when there is a localised incident such as trees fallen en route, flooding, traffic changes, etc. 

Please ensure your PARQ is up to date and notify us in writing if you have any change to your medical records, or physical or mental wellbeing. This should include any surgery, falls, knocks, or accidents. Thank you. 

Contact details (only contact to notify if late or cancelling) 

Matt 07530 813225