WALX Activity: Firle Beacon Adventure walk with Picnic for ALL

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Pace: Moderate

  • 4
 NORDIC Well Being Walks

Price: £14.00

Quick Info:

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Main Instructor:

NWUK Tunbridge Wells

Hosted By:

Emily Zigman (WL)

Walk Description:

We start this magnificent 5-mile Nordic walk for ALL in the pretty quintessentially English village of Firle which sits in the foothills of the South Downs. We’ll weave our way through the village before making our way cross country under the watchful eye of the ancient circular brick folly to one side and the rolling hillside stretching south to the other.

This Nordic Wellbeing walk is for all my regulars, their partners, friends or anyone who would like to give Nordic walking a try. No need to have done the Learn to Nordic walk course for today’s walk, if you feel confident you can manage 5 miles with one v steep hill come along, I’ll set you up with poles and you can give it a go! 

The benefits far outweigh the challenges on this superb adventure walk. We’ll pass through the ancient & historic farmhouse of Charleston before making our way up the steep northern banks of the downs.

Joining part of the south downs’ way at the top, we'll be up where the sky begins and the views will take your breath away. When we reach the beacon, we can unclip our poles and take a break. Please bring a picnic. (We may need to sit in two groups to for the picnic if there is more than 6 of us)

There will be varied abilities coming and speed isn't the goal so don't worry if you're slower, just as long as you feel confident you can cover the distance (5miles) when there’s some mud which can make it a little more challenging and one steep hill which can be taken at whatever speed works for you. We will stop for water and a rest where need be.  

Please bring plenty of water in a bottle/ hip / waist bag or backpack, avoid bottles in pockets so you can swing arms freely.  

I've allowed 4 hours for this which may seem too long, but the terrain can slow us down but also to allow us to take a break and enjoy a picnic & views at the top.

Please note: This activity will not run unless there is a minimum of 6 booked on. I will advise you if it isn't going ahead and you will be reimbursed.    

A minimum of 12 hours’ notice is required should you wish to cancel your booking. 

We meet in the carpark that sits directly behind the Ram Inn, it’s signed posted FREE VISITORS CAR PARK.  Toilets available. 

Note: Please ensure you have a mask with you for this walk. It's unlikely to be needed but we all must carry them with us to be 'Covid safe'.