WALX Activity: Feel the Power of the Poles Beginner's Course at Avenham Park

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WALX - Power of Poles Intro Course

Price: £20.00

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Main Instructor:

WALX Preston

Walk Description:

In this 90 mins session, you'll learn the basics of Nordic walking and gain your Freedom Passport. You'll gain the skills to get the most from your own walking as well as being able to join national Nordic Walking UK and WALX classes. Locally, you'll be able to book into any of our WALX Preston classes straight away and enjoy effective, total body walking in beautiful surroundings.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Check out some of the many benefits:1) Promotes good posture, stability and balance2) Exercises 90% of your muscles & reduces stress on lower joints3) Burns up to 47% more calories over walking without poles4) It sculpts your arms and shoulders. 5) Keeps Blood Sugar Balanced and promotes healthy weight loss6) Promotes greater walking tolerance and improved core strength7) It’s a fun social workout. Invite your friends or family to enjoy all the health benefits with you.8) It’s an amazing stress buster. The smooth rhythmic action provides a distraction from everyday concerns and lifts your mood.9) You can adjust the intensity. Pole walking is an energizing activity that can be enjoyed by people of any age and athletic ability.10) It’s a great running alternative. Nordic walking offers the same year-round fresh-air experience as running but without jarring and jostling your joints.