WALX Activity: Power of Poles

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Power of Poles Intro Course

Price: £12.00

Quick Info:

  • Distance: 3 Miles
  • Date: Sat 11th June
  • Time: 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
  • Address: Newbold Comyn Arms, Newbold Terrace East, Warwick CV32 4EU, United Kingdom
  • W3W: chair.adopt.crowd
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Main Instructor:

WALX Leamington And Warwick

Walk Description:

Power of the Poles

This is course is to enable the enthusiastic newcomer to enter the world of walking with poles where they can improve their skills and fitness levels.

It will bring you confidence to walk with poles. You will leave this session feeling excited about getting going.

Ideal once you have tasted the experience you will want  to continue your journey.

You will throughout your participation in sessions receive excellent instruction  and motivation to keep you engaged.

You will be supported as often and to the level you wish. We are a social group and have so much fun keeping active and getting fitter.

There are numerous sessions and weekly walks to help you continue practising what you have learned.

You will be amazed at your improved fitness levels in a relatively short time. The key is enjoyment.

This session is just the beginning of  your journey to enjoying exercise, being outside, having fun and improving your fitness