WALX Activity: The Early Bird - East Grinstead

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Pace: Moderate

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Intensity: Moderate

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Gradient: Moderate

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Nordic WALX

Price: £7.50

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Main Instructor:

Tina Wigley

Hosted By:

Tina Wigley

Walk Description:


The Summer is just around the corner and the mornings are particularly spectacular. If you are an early riser this is definitely the walk for you. Make the most of the quiet and enjoy listening to the bird song as you start the day with a refreshing walk.

It will set you up for the day!!!!   

Please Note: 2 poles apart must be adhered to at all times.  


Please note current COVID rules will be followed

The membership is £22 per month for unlimited classes and walks. if you attend 5 times per month it works out at £4.20 per session. Most of the members come on average twice a week (face to face or virtual) which works out at £2.75

Pay As You Go and credit options are also available. A health and fitness membership you can make the most of locally outdoors and in the comfort of your own home.