WALX Activity: Brailsford WALX

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Explorer Open WALX

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Main Instructor:

June Holden

Hosted By:

June Holden

Walk Description:

An opportunity to see the changes in the countryside by walking this route again but the other way around. Who knows what crops will have grown in the fields? interesting.

Starting from the Village Hall we walk across pastures and wide open spaces, with some peaceful and relaxing views.

We continue on towards the golf course and enter from the front walking past the glorious lake. Lovely to see the birds playing on the water, we hope!

This is a 3 mile walk which goes on to the grounds of the 12th Century All Saint’s Church of Brailsford, which stands alone in the middle of the countryside. Delightful.  No snowdrops or Daffodils though, but maybe bluebells , who knows?

This is relaxed walk where you can escape and enjoy the countryside with the option of going to the Buttermilk cafe afterwards. They serve delicious food and refreshments. 

Distance:   3 miles  

Total ascent very little ascent involved.

Allow 90 minutes  

Stiles: Yes - a few stiles which are not difficult. Good ones for gaining experience.

Refreshments: Buttermilk Cafe, Brailsford

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