WALX Activity: Kelston Top Adventure Walk

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Pace: High

  • 5

Intensity: Moderate

  • 4

Gradient: High

  • 5
Nordic WALX

Price: £15.00

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Main Instructor:

Storme Bodyworks Bath

Walk Description:

This is a moderate to challenging (just for a short while) walk. Mainly a pacy Gear1 or 2 but options for Gear 3 for those who like more of a challenge. Also options to increase the challenge or keeping it nice and steady.


Pacey Gear 1 and options for Gear 2 and 3 for those who wish to challenge themselves a bit more.Parking can be tricky, during COVID parking more restricted. If no parking available in the spot we normally use then just along on the main road there is parking but just a tiny bit more of a walk to meet point.