WALX Activity: Wellness Fix - Highdown

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Wellness WALX

Price: £7.00

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Main Instructor:

WALX Coast and Country

Hosted By:

Denise Page

Walk Description:

A gentle safe way to walk yourself fitter! This is a gentle session which will challenge your flexibility, joint mobility, balance and strength whilst using poles to improve general fitness. Exercises are incorporated within the walk. This session is suitable for those who want to build up to the longer or more vigorous walks or may have concerns about their health. Many of our members are seeing the benefits of participating in the wellness sessions. 

Results have included a reduction in blood pressure, improvements in breathing, better balance and a general feeling of wellbeing. We have a lot of fun as we exercise in the fresh air. This is a very social session and we often stay behind for tea, coffee and putting the world to rights in the tearooms. 

You do not have to have a passport to join wellbeing classes. Be good to yourself and book now!

You can do an unlimited number of walks and exercise sessions, including online classes for as little as £25 per month. This is as little as £3.12 per session if you attend twice a week.

A health and fitness membership you can make the most of locally outdoors and in the comfort of your own home.