WALX Activity: 7 Crossings of the River Test

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Pace: Medium

  • 3

Intensity: Low

  • 2

Gradient: Very Low

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 NORDIC Adventure Walks

Price: £8.00

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Main Instructor:

Philippa Firth

Walk Description:

This is a lovely gentle walk of about 3 to 4 miles around Longparish and the neighborouring hamlets. We cross the River Test about seven times and from the bridges you get lovely views of the clear chalk streams. The villages are archetypal of Hampshire, beautiful thatched cottages and lovely mill houses. We pass Longparish Church which dates from 13th Century and historical points of interest the grindstone and Ashburn Rest a 19th Century seat. The pace is 'Gear 1' and is more of an 'explorer' walk than a fitness improver.

Gear 1 - A nice, easy and natural pace that you can do for extended periods with recovery periods where appropriate. Short hills might be introduced. 

Gear 2 - A faster pace gained through technique. There will be less recovery time.