WALX Activity: Stride out after work

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Pace: Medium

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Intensity: Medium

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Gradient: Low

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 NORDIC Adventure Walks

Price: £8.00

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Main Instructor:

Philippa Firth

Walk Description:

Stride out for a walk of about 4 miles at the end of the day to blow away the day's stress, to reset, to breath in the fresh air whilst improving your fitness. Walking with poles is an excellent cross training exercise helping you to improve your general fitness. You will feel energised and ready to do it again tomorrow! 

Gear 1 - A nice, easy and natural pace that you can do for extended periods with recovery periods where appropriate. Short hills might be introduced. 

Gear 2 - A faster pace gained through technique. There will be less recovery time.

Remember to wear appropriate clothes for the weather on the day. If it has been wet, the path might a little muddy in places.