WALX Activity: 'Gear 1' walk ending with coffee and cake

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 NORDIC Adventure Walks

Price: £8.00

Quick Info:

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Main Instructor:

Philippa Firth

Walk Description:

A 'Gear 1' gentle walk of approximately 2 miles along a wide grass drove and country lane. This is not a long walk but faster walkers could do the circuit twice! Walking at your own pace whilst benefiting from a full body workout and the cross training that walking with poles gives you. A few prompts from me to remind you of your technique and to help you maintain a regular pace. Coffee/tea and cake is available from 11am-1pm at £5 per person. 

Gear 1 - A nice, easy and natural pace that you can do for extended periods with recovery periods where appropriate. Short hills might be introduced. 

Gear 2 - A faster pace gained through technique. There will be less recovery time.  

Remember to bring your own water bottle, wear suitable clothing for the weather on the day. Parking is in the car park at The Leckford Hutt.