WALX Activity: Nordic YOGA Walk: Stockbridge Down

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 NORDIC Well Being Walks

Price: £7.50

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Main Instructor:

Winchester Nordic Walking

Walk Description:

A gentle walk with a fusion of yoga. 

This walk incorporates Hatha Yoga Asanas building on balance, flexibility and strength with a touch of mindfulness and relaxation.

There is a slow climb on this walk but we stop periodically to practice breathing and asanas and there are fantastic views at the top for our sun salutations!

All asanas are standing and poles are used to help get the maximum benefit from each posture.   

Suitable for complete yoga beginners to more experienced yogis, you can work at your own pace on any given session allowing you to progress comfortably.

Walk locations have been selected for their beautiful and peaceful surroundings to allow you to relax and connect with nature.