WALX Activity: Evening Walk - with QIGONG at Knole (Moderate)

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Pace: Moderate

  • 4

Intensity: Low

  • 2

Gradient: Low

  • 2
 NORDIC Adventure Walks

Price: £20.00

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Main Instructor:

Nordic Walking Tonbridge

Walk Description:


More about Qigong:

Enjoy an opportunity to pause during the walk and connect to your life force energy (Qi) and the nature around you with the ancient practice of Qigong. Traditionally practiced outside, this deeply restorative healing modality works on the meridians in our body like in acupuncture. It helps to promote the free flow of Qi and blood and to shift any blockages in these energy pathways, which in turn leads to greater wellbeing. Mind, body and breath start to work in unison leaving you feeling calm yet energised. You will learn some breathing techniques to ground you, moves from the 12 Rivers sequence which work on the key organs of the body and gentle flows to connect with the natural world. Qigong has many health benefits including less stress, increased energy, improved postural alignment, flexibility and balance, reduced aches and pains and better immune and breathing function. It pairs beautifully with Nordic walking as it’s the innercise that complements the exercise!