WALX Activity: STRETCH, BALANCE & FLEX (Low Impact ZOOM Workout)

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Pace: Medium

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Intensity: Low

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Exercise Anywhere - Virtual

Price: £4.00

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Main Instructor:

Norfolk Nordic Walking

Walk Description:

STRETCH. BALANCE & FLEX - Low Impact Gentle Workout

Each week we focus on specific balance activities to activate the core and improve our equilibrium such as `clock` work, `tight rope`, `flamingo stand` and `superman`.  

We strengthen muscle groups with different `flex` activities - you may want to use light hand weights for this. A chair is an essential tool...

Finally we devote time to stretching out those muscles to increase flexibility, improve circulation, eliminate tightness and (most importantly) for relaxation. 

The perfect FUN & EFFECTIVE way to start your Friday....

Join Rebecca virtually for 30 minutes of gentle low impact exercise that incorporates balance work, flexibility and strength.  There will be an opportunity to often use weights - but if you don`t have any, experiment by using cans from your cupboard! 

Great for all abilities!



Setting up your Nordic Exercise Virtual Platform

Online exercise classes and meet ups are here to stay for a long time. The team behind Nordic Walking UK and WALX has developed a Virtual Sessions platform enabling you to see all your booked virtual sessions in one place, click straight into your virtual classes on Zoom, and search for free recorded videos and other live classes nationally.  There is so much on offer for you to enjoy.

Make sure prior to you next Virtual class you have set up your link to the NWUK/WALX Virtual Platform.  It only takes a couple of minutes and only needs to be done ONCE.

Here`s a quick guide:

1) Book all sessions as normal through our Exercise Anywhere booking system

2) You will receive a confirmation & reminder email as normal

3) In your email, you will see something like this

Activity Name: Virtual - STRETCH BALANCE AND FLEX

Date: XXXX

Time: 08.25

Location: ONLINE - Your HOME via ZOOM

Address: Norwich NR2 2AW, UK

What3Words: purely.sums.crowds

View Session Here: https://walx.co.uk/exercise-anywhere-virtual

4) Click on the "View Session Here" link and it will take you through to the new virtual platform

5) Login using the same details you use for the booking system. There is a box to tick if you want to stay logged in to the virtual platform. It is worth bookmarking this page so you don`t have to find the confirmation email each time!

6) Once logged in, you will be shown a page showing all the sessions you are booked on to. Click `Join` and you`ll be connected to the session

Please take a look and give it a try (at any time) so you can join future sessions seamlessly (hopefully). The link above is live, so why not click on it and go ahead and get set up now.


You will need:

A chair

Optional weights to add resistance. Make these yourself e.g pesto jar / tin of baked beans for each hand OR use your poles


Poles (if you have them BUT not essential)

Please work at your level of intensity. During the workout, remember you can take mini breaks if you need to or do less repetitions / sets per exercise. ONLY work with weights if you want to add resistance.  Start light.

Make sure there is room around you to exercise safely and there are no trip hazards.


This workout is being led by Rebecca Wheatley, Norfolk Nordic Walking Owner & Instructor

Contact: 07832 108200