WALX Activity: Walks of Interest Butler benches

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 NORDIC Adventure Walks

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Main Instructor:

Bruce Perkins

Walk Description:

We’ll kick start our senses (and our body) with a warm up in the shelter of the road bridge before setting off along the Tarka Trail towards Watergate. 

This is where our Walk of Interest begins!! 

We immediately cross over the river Torridge via the old bridge and follow the narrow (2mtr) tarmac surfaced Tarka Trail towards Watergate.

The going is easy; indeed do not be surprised if we come across other users on mobility scooters or wheeled walking frames (it really is that easy a walk). 

We will follow the tree covered road shielded on one side by a steep tree lined bank with a babbling brook running alongside on the other while taking in the sights and sounds of Mother Nature.

As we approach a slight incline we come across the first of the three Butler Benches.

John Butler a local wood carver was commissioned to produce a series of benches to be strategically placed along the Tarka Trail as part of the millennium celebrations (yes they are 20 years old!!).

The three benches aptly named the courting bench, family bench and memorial bench are in tribute to a ‘journey through life’.

Having taken time to marvel at the superb craftsmanship of each bench we will retrace our steps to the Puffing Billy where we will conduct our warm down.