WALX Activity: Wednesday Explorer Walx - Alton Barnes - All Cannings (8 miles)

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Explorer WALX

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WALX Wessex

Walk Description:

From one hour WALX in your local country park to a half day in the hills, our Explorer WALX capture the variety of scenery, themes and types of WALX that suit your lifestyle. If you love WALX to the pub or WALX with the dog or simply WALX in wild locations we have them all! Whether long, short, tough or gentle we welcome all ages and all levels.

On Wednesdays we like to explore longer walks around the Pewsey Vale and North Wessex Downs.

Today`s Walk: Alton Barnes - Longer Route. Today we start at Alton Barnes car park for a longer walk down to the villages and the canal and then along to All Cannings. We then ascend Ciffords Hill up to the top of Tan Hil and then work our way back to the start via the Wansdyke and the Alton Barnes White Horse.

Length and Grade: 8 miles and with some moderate to harders climbs.

This is longer route and may challenge some walkers. We can stop for breaks along the way. The route may be uneven or overgrown so make sure you wear suitable footwear and bring sufficient water and snacks.

Location: Start at car park above Alton Barnes.

Notes: Please bring a picnic for half way and enough water for 3 hours.