WALX Activity: WALX yourself Fitter at Emberton Park

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Wellness WALX

Price: £6.00

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Main Instructor:

Faith Jones

Walk Description:

Wellness WALX

A gentle but effective way to walk yourself fitter! Using poles will give you the confidence to stride out and stand tall. This mixed ability session which will challenge your flexibility, joint mobility, balance and strength whilst using poles to improve general and functional fitness.

This session is suitable for those who want to build up to the longer or more vigorous walks or may have concerns about their health, have an injury or recovering from long covid.

Beginners welcome.

Poles supplied

Gentle WALX that incorporate balance work, flexibility and strength exercises and maybe a bit of tai chi,yoga or relaxation too. Great for those who are getting back into exercise, have a health condition or simply want to move well and be fit for life! Our wellbeing Instructors are qualified to deliver WALX for all levels so it’s never too late to take that first step.

Supportive flexible footwear is advised as well as comfortable layered clothing

The session will take place on level paths and grassed areas 

Walking Guidelines POLES APART - WE ARE COVID 19 SECURE (walx.co.uk) 

* All walks must be pre-booked online.

* Please DO NOT BOOK a walk if you currently have ANY Covid-19 symptoms, have had in the last 2 weeks or have received a positive Covid-19 test result. Contact me directly if you have any questions.

* Social Distancing – please make sure you are at least 1 metre/ 3 feet away from any other walker at ALL times. Follow instructions from your Instructor leader at all times.

* If you need to sneeze or cough on a walk, PLEASE COVER YOUR NOSE OR MOUTH and turn away from others in the group

We take the safety and wellbeing of our Walkers and Instructors very seriously at all times, so I hope you will bear with us a little longer as we slowly introduce more walks back to the timetable. Face mask coverings ARE recommended for busy areas. it is recommended that all walkers carry a face mask with them at all times, just in case one is needed.