WALX Activity: 11.30 Victoria Park, Widnes OPEN Wellness walx

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Wellness Open WALX

Price: £7.00

Quick Info:

  • Distance: 2 Miles
  • Date: Mon 15th August
  • Time: 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Address: Victoria Park (Widnes)/St Bedes/Village (Widnes) Crown Green Bowls Club, Fairfield Road, Widnes, WA8 6QF, United Kingdom
  • W3W: couch.poster.cabin
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Main Instructor:

Elizabeth Kerley

Walk Description:

Gentle WALX that incorporate balance work, flexibility and strength exercises and maybe a bit of tai chi or relaxation too. Great for those who are getting back into exercise, have a health condition or simply want to move well and be fit for life! Our wellbeing Instructors are qualified to deliver WALX for all levels so it’s never too late to take that first step.

In this sociable mixed group you will fit in whether you are only a little too fast for the gentle fitness walks through to enjoying high speed challenges. Led by Kerley,  and other walks leaders we will find the right pace for you. Victoria Park offers flat easy terrain on well-maintained paths 

“I enjoyed learning the technique and found that the poles eased the pressure on my dodgy knee! I do a lot of ordinary walking when I have time and I did notice the difference. The most surprising thing to come out of the experience was my introduction to smoveys, which I love and use all the time! I hope to resume Nordic walking if and when the opportunity presents.” 

“Since starting Nordic walking almost three months ago, my general health and walking has improved immensely. Just before coming to the Nordic Walking sessions, my arthritic knees meant I could not walk very far and I had to use a walking stick to get about. Barely three months later and I love Nordic walking and my general walking has improved greatly with no need for my walking stick!”   Mrs J. B.