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We asked some of our WALX Masters to describe a typical working day and as you will see it’s a lot more than a WALX in the Park!

Janine Lewis and Denise Page have been delivering outdoor fitness programmes with us for a few years now and both have recently moved over to be part of the WALX revolution. Denise is a seasoned fitness professional with years of experience of standing in front of a group of exercisers following a career which saw her rise to Director level at YMCA Fit. Janine on the hand, joined us with no fitness industry training and over the past five years has grown into an exceptional people focused Instructor and Leader.

Both offer a full range of WALX sessions and manage teams of WALX guides and Coaches in order to inspire people of all ages to be active outside.

Both told us that their days are never the same, as they teach a variety of sessions themselves which could involve delivering a wellness WALX to a group of seniors in the morning or Total body WALX to office workers in the evening. They agreed that they love the flexibility but do have to make good use of the Management tools provided by WALX which includes a powerful booking portal that enables them and their clients to book and cancel walks with the click of a button.

“I get notifications of all bookings and can communicate with the whole group or individuals regarding every session” says Denise. “The system also requires each participant to complete medical screening so most days start with a quick scan of the sessions being delivered by my team and whether everybody has booked things that are appropriate for them.”

Whilst they are hands on, both Ladies also spend a lot of time planning an inspirational schedule of activities, managing their teams and ensuring their Members are looked after with exceptional care. Janine told us “I work hard to promote my WALX group and deal with all of the enquiries that I manage to generate via outreach, marketing and social media by ensuring that potential Members get the right experience from day one. My Team have all been trained to provide appropriate support for every Member and we meet regularly (either on line or in person) so we can continually inspire people to try new things and enjoy the club feel that’s so important to us”

“In the early days we spent a lot more time route planning than I do now” says Denise “thankfully I have great Guides that do that for me so I can get on with growing the group and making sure retail kit sales etc are going well”

Both admitted that social media plays a huge part in maintaining a community feel for current Members as well as helping to generate new ones and they typically used it daily to share pictures, motivate clients and link with the WALX support team. Janine adds “The best part of being a WALX Master is 100% the amazing people we see on a daily basis – we watch them get fitter, we laugh and we learn from them too. They way the groups grow into fantastic social clubs who do far more than exercise together, is really rewarding. The fact that we are all part of a wider community who get together on meet up walks, weekends breaks and holidays is another bonus. To top it all we have the annual Festival, 3 days of being part of the biggest friendliest Health Club you could imagine.”