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We are delighted that we have been chosen as Franchise of the week by POINT FRANCHISE

In these difficult times of Coronavirus it might seem like the worst time to start a Franchise business but we have managed to develop our VIRTUAL WALX platform which has not only helped our licensed NWUK delivery Partners to stay in business during the lockdown but  drawn a huge amount of interest towards WALX.

The Nation is looking at safe ways to exercise both in the home and when out walking close to it. WALX has the expertise to inspire them AND to make them feel part of something worthwhile. Our IT team leaped into action to bring forward our Virtual platform which will enable our Franchisees to share expert content provided by HQ Tutor team (plus some highly experienced WALX Masters) and also create on line sessions where they can provide belonging and inspiration both during lockdown and in the future. The team have also created training sessions to help WALX Masters learn how to manage on line live sessions and film videos should they wish to.

The first batch of expert videos have been filmed in back gardens and living rooms but our future plans include much more quality content for everyone from schools and workplaces to care homes. Imagine unique walking based programmes people can follow wherever they are?

Not only can we produce videos and live streamed classes that WALX members can engage with but our Franchisees and WALX Masters can do the same. Our systems can detect Members and even identify which WALX group they are linked to. Ensuring income for the group including the sale of any kit used in the virtual workout once fully built.

Mike Rollason Director of WALX says ” We are really proud of both our expert fitness Tutors and the IT team, to pull this round in a matter of weeks shows just how adaptable and innovative they are”

“Soon People all around the world will be able to search and select sessions at the right level, book and enjoy” he adds. WATCH THIS SPACE!

Check out the Virtual WALX page and free videos created for Coronavirus lockdown HERE

Want to know what clients say about our on line sessions?

I’ve been so impressed with your virtual sessions and the way you have adapted to keeping us fit at home. I think the routine and the social contact, as well as the exercises help to give a focus to the day and relieve the feelings of isolation.  I’ve particularly enjoyed the flex and stretch although I can’t flex or stretch as much in my actual body as I can in the virtual body in my head! I’m sure my flexibility is improving though!

Please realise that all your hard work planning, preparing and delivering our online sessions is very much appreciated.


Just to say the virtual exercise classes have been great, not just for the exercise which I believe is getting me fitter than ever, but they have also allowed me to maintain some structure to my weeks in Lockdown. It’s also great to see others faces and although never the same as being together in the great outdoors helps the isolation. Thanks for all your hard work to get these classes up and running, persevering the initial techno problems and just being there.

You’re a star 💫 🌟


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