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At Salcey and Beyond WALX we offer you safe, effective and fun activities that are suitable for everyone.

My aim is to help you to get the most from your walking by using the” power of poles” to propel you along.

I’ve met lots of great people with all kinds of reasons for wanting to participate in this great outdoor activity.

Here’s a few…

Becoming more active; Improving your overall fitness; Toning your muscles; Losing weight by burning calories; Improving your posture; Overcoming an injury; Feeling happier; And Making new friends


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JULY Schedule and news


Welcome to my JULY Newsletter and Schedule. When the weather is good a walk with poles is a pure pleasure, and you soon forget that you do it to exercise. And that is a good thing – the more pleasant the exercise, the more eager we are to do it! go find out more see […]

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March Schedule and News


Balance. It’s not something we think about in our youth; just one of many natural attributes that we take for granted. Nor one that we consider in midlife, when we might be concerned instead with greying hair, rising blood pressure or a thickening waistline. But that’s where too many of us are wrong. In midlife, […]

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February Schedule and News


Further on a Friday! Welcome to my February newsletter. Its been a hard slog this winter: grey days ,Omicron, but at last the days are drawing out, the snowdrops are peeping through and it feels great to be outside. I am really excited to be offering some  longer moderate paced  Nordic WALX starting later this […]

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December News


WALX Salcey and beyond does Park Run/Walk.  We certainly are striving for Five Here! This was a really exciting and rewarding event for our Thursday Wellness group. Everyone was so friendly and supportive We are planning more in the New Year. Parkrun is a positive, welcoming and inclusive experience where there is no time limit […]

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Meet the Team

Faith Jones

Role: WALX Master

Faith enjoys running, wild swimming and walking. She is a walk leader for Health at Willen Hospice and a leader in Running fitness.She has completed CPD modules in Strength and Conditioning and Functional Fitness and Ageing Well.

Faith is passionate about encouraging people to appreciate the Physical, Social and Emotional benefits that Nordic Walking gives her.


from members of Faith Jones

I feel much more confident about my strength and stamina.

After losing several stone in weight I wanted to maintain my weight loss. I have never particularly enjoyed exercise regimes but enjoy walking. I was looking for a local walking group and Faith Jones responded suggesting that I try Nordic Walking. It has been a revelation to me. I enjoy the group walks and solo walking so much more with my poles. Faith has a really encouraging and friendly approach mixing walking, exercising and some yoga in to the sessions. The walks are sociable and always end up with a cuppa. I feel so much fitter now and much more confident about my strength and stamina. I highly recommend Faith's sessions."

Frances , 62

Faster;fitter;stronger !!

Loved 😍 the session yesterday. It was such a beautiful day and it was great to see some different scenery. I took things easier this week as my hip was a bit painful and I was worried about my Achilles’ tendon after our parkrun /walk on Saturday.

But all was fine.No twinges at all.Those stretches really worked!

Linda, 52

Wellness Inspiration

Faith is an inspirational teacher who also happens to have a wicked sense of humour. A winning combination when dealing with a rather shaky newbie. I have never Nordic walked but felt this activity might help to build improved fitness, muscle strength and get me out in the elements. Faith has been so encouraging and helpful in incorporating a host of supplementary exercises that easily fit into my lifestyle. Truth be told I have never been much of an exercise person but with Faith time flies!

Vindy , 60