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WALX With Sole is a sociable Walking community offering individual and group walks in Reading and surrounding areas. Learn to Nordic Walk with Berkshire specialist, Janine Lewis. It’s a cheeky exercise in disguise. “We exercise the soul on the soles”.

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Meet the Team

Janine Lewis

Role: WALX Master

Janine is the proud owner of WALX For Sole and Nordic Walking Master.

She is qualified as a Nordic Walking Instructor, Freestyle Fitness Yoga Coach and Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing (TMW) Coach. She is the creator of the Chi Fusion Flow program introducing Qi WALX and Qi Breathing WALX; slow is strong. She also cascades the WALX official training program to new WALX Guides and is part of the Business Development team for WALX.

Janine is primarily focused on helping busy people re-balance their lifestyles so they can immerse themselves into actually enjoying life She is trained as a diet coach and mentors people to reconnect with their food, body confidence and regain their sparkle. She has been a yo-yo dieter who comfort eats when self-esteem is low and gets caught up in the negative and toxic aspects of life. So she knows only too well how to help people.

Janine discovered Nordic walking in 2009 when she decided to take part in long-distance events. Her first ultra-marathon was the Forces March, billed as 5 marathons over 5 days. She did this dressed as a 6ft duck and for the Veteran’s Charity. She continued to use Nordic walking for fitness and keep her weight and blood pressure down. She loved the all over body conditioning and toning from the Nordic poles and at the same she could be exercising her five dogs and be outdoors. She has also been a keen open water swimmer, kayaker and backpacker.

Since 2010 she has mentored and coached many people to aspire to weight loss and fitness challenges. She has also taken on a few more challenges from 5km barefoot runs to 24-hour solo ultras.

At school, Janine hated sports and would avoid being in a gym. Fresh air fitness stimulates the mind, body and soul, on the soles and gives a feeling of wellbeing and wholeness. A change of perspective as to what exercise is and how much fun it can, with so many positive benefits, has switched Janine around to love “sports”.

She loves endurance events and shares her passion and anecdotes to inspire members to take up a challenge.

Her team-building events and girl parties have been successful. She enjoys creating walks of all kinds, from those to test your own strength of mind and body, to a themed party walk such as WALX with Hawks, Prosecco Parties with added bounce, Detox Breaks WALX …oh the list is endless.

Janine will help you re-discover your inner sparkle; WALX With Sole isn’t just about exercise but a way of life.

She is also available as a guest speaker. Her most requested themes are “Rambling Duck Tale Adventures”, “Kindfulness for longevity” and “Slow is Strong”.


Role: WALX Coach

Rachel joined the WALX with Sole team in May 2019. She took up Nordic Walking to lose weight and regain energy. She has an underactive thyroid. She now feels she has got her life back on and would like to share her story and enthusiasm to inspire others. She has also successfully completed 2021 Reading Half Marathon supporting our members.

She qualified as an Instructor in 2021 and really shares the magic of not just the exercise of fresh air fitness fun, but also the social side. She is also our official photographer with some mesmerising captures of moments shared in nature. She also has a phenomenal memory for so many plants and trees!


Role: WALX Coach

Sophie has been walking with us since 2017. She is a high flying business lady so she enjoys the fresh air fitness and exhilaration of Nordic walking to destress.

Sophie qualified as WALX Coach in 2021 and is passionate about the wellbeing and weight loss aspect of this sustainable way to exercise. Sophie has had operations in the past and also loves the supportive element of Nordic walking but benefits from the lift and propulsion of this amazing pole walking technique.

Join her for a walk as she is a breath of fresh air with her positive bounce, even after a long workday.


Role: WALX Coach

Derek started Nordic Walking in November 2019 with his wife Val. He initially did this to encourage her to get out more and loved how she became more mobile. He is a keen runner, cyclist and outdoor swimmer. He has overcome the stroke that left him virtually unable to walk, to take up his sports and activities again. He successfully completed the 2021 Reading Half Marathon supporting our members.

Derek loves all the WALX and helps as a WALX Guide across all abilities. In 2021 he supported Janine with a local Parkinson’s Group and was keen to lead the group and understand more about Parkinson’s. He is now a qualified coach and leads not just the Bracknell Parkinsons branch walks but also our Gentle Paces.


Role: WALX Guide

Janet joined the WALX With Sole team in May 2019. She took up Nordic walking to compliment her cross-training for running. She is also a keen Outdoor Swimmer, with a penchant for wild swims, plus cycling.

She has very fast legs and loves to challenge our members with the Push The Pace regular weekly session.


Role: WALX Guide

Martin wanted to beat his pre-Diabetes II diagnosis from his doctor. Although he played racquet sports and walked with friends he wanted to add in something that was more of a cardio workout. His doctor suggested Nordic Walking.

He did our award-winning Fast Track beginner course in April 2019 and really has taken to Nordic walking like a duck to water! He qualified as a WALX guide in October 2020, although he had been supporting a few walks through the year.

Martin loves to explore and he is the master of the maps and has introduced the Sunday Specials, which take us out on new paths. 

He also successfully completed 2021 Reading Half Marathon supporting our members.


Role: WALX Guide

Nancy has been Nordic walking with us since 2018. She has a stressful job, loves her food and also loves a social natter. Her goal is to lose weight and not comfort eat away her stresses. She has the most amazing laugh which is very infectious! 

Nancy qualified as WALX guide in 2021 and enjoys supporting Derek with Gentle Paces sessions. She is also keen to improve her walk pace speed and had been training for the 2021 Reading Half Marathon. She wisely slowed down when her unpredictable knee issue flared up. Next year Nancy!