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Chichester Nordic Walking started in 2014 when Sylvia May after 4 years of Nordic Walking walking solo, wanted to gather a group of like minded people, who enjoyed walking in the beautiful surrounding areas, but wanted to get fitter at the same time. Now in 2022 we have  transitioned  into WALX and More in order to be able to deliver even more Walks for all the community at all levels, as well as full body Workout sessions . Our goal was always to have a Walk or Activity every day and with 10 Walk Leaders now that is possible .

We are a very social group , where Coffee or a Drink become just as important as getting out and Walking .

Start with booking onto Power of the Poles Session 1 which we hold every Month and if you want to get more advanced and learn with Traditional Nordic Walking Poles follow it with Power of the Poles Session 2.

Once you have completed One or both of them ,come and join one of our daily classes and meet some likeminded new Friends .

Our  Walks are held through out the beautiful Chichester  District and are for mixed abilities . Most are around 1- 1.5 hours followed by Coffee if you fancy joining us .

Please do text me on 07825370033 if you have any questions at all .

Look forward to meeting you .


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Meet the Team

Sylvia May

Role: WALX Master

I discovered Nordic Walking around 2012 , fell in love with it , trained and a few years later started Chichester Nordic Walking under Nordic Walking UK.

Despite having a full time job as well , the Group over the years has grown considerably with the help of other fabulous Instructors and Walk Leaders

We all love walking in our beautiful Countryside, enjoy like minded company and most of all enjoy a decent cup of Coffee , which features on a lot at the end our Walks .

Now in the Summer of 2020 , I am able to devote much more time to our group , which has transitioned into WALX and More .

I am so looking forward to adding even more Walks to our Program for Nordic Walkers and for those wanting to learn more about the group .We will also add as other full body workout programs such as Smovey’s , Pro X walkers , Couch to 30 min Run sessions and more …..

Leading and being part of a group of Walkers who enjoy getting fitter in an outdoor setting is a privilege and I am so looking forward to what the next few years will bring us in terms of beautiful Walks and new Friends that will join