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WALX Salisbury and the Chase is run by the WALX HQ team and a team of local WALX Masters who plan WALX for all levels that capture the magic of the area. Every session provides real results – be it a workout or simply a big smile . With our holisitc approach to total body health WALX Salisbury and the Chase brings a unique twist to improving fitness. Expect everything from verdant Wiltshire countryside and iconic historic sites to a Wellness or Yoga Walx in your local park!

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  • Exercise Anywhere - Virtual
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  • Nordic WALX
  • Power of Poles Intro Course
  • Total Body WALX
  • Wellness WALX

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Meet the Team

Gilly Vincent

Role: WALX Master

Gilly has been delivering Nordic walking, yoga WALX and a range of classes for over 4 years. She has expertise in wellness including chair based exercise for older Adults but also loves a brisk long walk so offers a full range of activities. Gilly is also one of the WALX HQ team, she manages the education of new Instructors and delivers on line classes via the WALX virtual portal.

Lucie Cormack

Role: WALX Master

Lucie is the WALX HQ Nutrition expert and she is trained in all WALX programmes from Yoga and Wellness to Total Body walking which she runs successfully in a range of locations. Lucie has been part of the WALX HQ team for over 5 years and in that time has inspired people to love exercise, lose weight (up to 11 stone!) and have fun being outdoors. She offers weekly nutrition sessions via the WALX virtual portal too


from members of WALX Salisbury and the Chase

What a team

These Instructors are a fun bunch and can motivate all levels - I highly recommend them all

Mike, 60

Kettlercise Virtual class is great!

Thank you for a great Kettlercise class this morning Marisa.  I'm getting into the habit of a Wednesday morning class and I'm really enjoying them.   Thank you for your encouragement and for being bright and bubbly despite the hour!

Charlotte, 47

I felt better immediately!

Thank you so much for your help & patience this morning. I enjoyed it very much & felt better immediately. I have booked the Tuesday Wellness walks for the rest of October!

Sue, 77

My posture is better

I joined to get more fit and healthy. I am already noticing a change in my body shape and my posture is better as well.

Debbie, 54

Improve fitness and muscle tone

My intention is to improve my fitness and muscle tone before undergoing a major operation. What better way than making new friends, distracting myself with enjoying walking outdoors, and knowing that we have a professional, knowledgeable instructor who makes sure we only do what is safe and effective. It's really good!

Sylvia, 65

Walx helps me control my anxiety

I've been fighting anxiety and depression for years. Walx helps me control it by making me do things out of my comfort zone and what a glorious way to do it! I've met lovely people & discovered amazing places.

Elaine, 58

The social element is a huge bonus

My intention was to get fitter and it is working! Body shape is changing and I'm certainly not puffing as much as I was! The social element is a huge bonus which I do enjoy. Marisa is the icing on the cake of understanding, motivation, and full-on encouragement which is needed!

Lorraine, 60

My mood has lightened

Since I have joined WALX my fitness has improved dramatically, my strength has improved and my mood has lightened.

Pauline, 69

Appreciate Marisa's support online

I have only just started walking on a Tuesday but did appreciate Marisa's support online when I found it difficult to get out at all. Really looking forward to progressing and getting fitter and stronger with WALX.

Frances, 69

I really can't recommend it highly enough

I had the most wonderful hour with Marisa this morning doing her Monday Morning Wellness Walx in Victoria Park. I really can't recommend it highly enough. I did everything at my own pace and she was really sensitive to my aches and pains. It was a great start to the week on such a beautiful morning. We finished off with a coffee at the newly opened Woodbar Cafe in the park.


Marisa is very friendly and welcoming

Marisa introduced me to Nordic walking with the Power of the Poles course, then made me a POP star without me ever singing a note! 🤩
The course gave me a solid introduction & a chance to practice with two types of pole. I also managed a few enjoyable group walks practicing my new skills before lockdown.
Marisa is very friendly & welcoming & a knowledgeable instructor with a lot of strings to her bow.
If you love walking then there’s sure to be the perfect WALX walk for you on her itinerary.

Marie, 60

It really has been a joy!

I walk with Marisa and others in the group it's great to improve fitness and see lots of new places ,meet new people and enjoy country side too. It really has been a joy.

Sharon, 50

Cannot recommend Marisa and WALX enough

My New Year’s resolution was to get fit in 2021 and my only likeable exercise is walking so joined WALX Salisbury and Marisa who introduced me to Nordic Walking. After Power of the Poles I was ready to go but Lockdown happened, however undeterred Marisa did sessions via zoom to keep her group active and ready for walking properly. I have now been out on several walks with Marisa, she is very experienced, has great patience and skilled in so many areas. Ability to encourage you along ensuring you are walking correctly to gain the full benefits of a workout whilst simultaneously pointing out flora and fauna! Cannot recommend Marisa and WALX enough a full body workout without you realising it enjoying the company of others for convivial chatting and exploring our local countryside.

Lorraine, 60

They go with me everywhere!

Marisa is a great instructor, very patient and encouraging. Loved my Power of Poles session and am now hooked! Invested in my own poles with Marisa's guidance and now they go with me everywhere! Great low-impact way to get fitter. Looking forward to more group walks soon.

Jane, 51

After one lesson with Marisa I have not looked back

I have to admit I was slightly anxious about the idea of Nordic walking! Who wants to walk with two sticks? (I think a lot of people do need to be educated that having two poles does not mean you are retired!) After one lesson with Marisa I have not looked back. She gave me the confidence to enjoy Nordic walking. Not only do I now walk faster, but I generally feel much fitter. The poles are ideal for both town and country walks.

Katrina, 57

My consultant and physiotherapist were delighted when I told them I’d taken up Nordic pole walking!

I saw Marisa’s Facebook post and her timing was perfect. At 34 I suffered a slipped disc and suffered with my back for 10 years resulting in two spinal operations and left with nerve damage in my leg and now having to walk with a stick. 3years on I started to suffer with my hip, I didn’t enjoy walking due to constant pain, but knew I needed to keep mobile and exercise would help. The idea of walking with 2 poles made me think I’d be more aligned. So I booked my introduction with Marisa, learned how to walk with Nordic poles and can say the last 3 months has eased some of my pain and got me outside in the fresh air exercising. Plus I was right, instantly I felt more upright! Needless to say my consultant and physiotherapist were delighted when I told them I’d taken up Nordic pole walking!

Sam, 44

Inspired me from the first day

Marisa inspired me from the first day I met her to get out more and see our beautiful county on foot. The 1-1 POP session was amazing and I now walk comfortably with my poles as much as possible. Marisa is also a lovely person and great company to be with, I can highly recommend her and thank her for the effort she puts in to WALX Salisbury for all of us.

Becky, 66

Keeping me motivated

Marisa is competent, professional, motivational and a jolly nice person to boot! I’ve had some really lovely walks with her and even in lock-down she is keeping me motivated with her virtual sessions and Facebook challenges.

Elaine, 58

Grovely and Ugford Explorer Walx

Brilliant walk today with the lovely Walx Salisbury, getting @kitchen.social up off our lockdown bums and out in the fresh air. thank you so much, going to try and make this regular.

Fi, 48

Zoom Walx & Talx

Thank you for these 'lockdown' virtual sessions they are great and so very informative, I really look forward to them.

Katie, 62

Marisa is so welcoming and a great fitness instructor too

Immediately I met Marisa, I felt her energy and positivity - I will be on as many WALX as possible from now on

Gill, 62