Workshops, Talks & Presentations

Our expert HQ team specialist instructors and partners will be providing a range of inspirational workshops in and around the HUB of the festival in Corfe Castle. Come and find out what WALX is all about, how we can make outdoor exercise so effective whilst having fun too! Come and try Nordic walking, Total body walking and even walking for rehabilitation! Serious workshops on foot health and how to prepare for challenge events and sociable afternoon teas. We have workshops, demos and talks at the HUB on all three days – some are pre booked and others will be ‘drop in’

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Festival Schedule

Saturday Supper and Entertainment at the Hub! Not to be missed!

The Pinnacle of the weekend!

Join your amazing hosts, The HQ team and Instructors from all over the UK for a fun evening in a stunning location with delicious food and the best band in Dorset! Yes, we have the band from 2018 back!

You will be able to choose from a range of food options including the ever-popular hog roast, curries etc (including vegan choices)

The bar will be selling the usual local Ciders, Beers, Wine and plenty of Prosecco etc and there are plenty of hay bales and picnic tables for you to perch on if your legs are tired after a day of walking.

Join us for a jig, sing along or simply sit around the braziers.

Bring a blanket so you can watch the moon drop down over the castle in true festival style.

Campfire BBQ Night at the HUB

Join your HOSTS for a yummy campfire BBQ served on Friday evening  – an ideal way to top off a days walking in a relaxing setting or indeed start your Festival experience if you have just arrived.

The bar and hot drinks stall will be serving too – Book yours in advance to make sure you don’t miss out as priority is given to those with pre booked tickets.

The STILE COUNCIL – how to be stylish and safe when conquering stiles!

“The stile has been with us for a very long time. It is claimed that the Saxon King Offa made reference to stiles in AD 779 whilst in 1546 there was a note about helping “a dogge ower a style”, along with a later proverb which advised people to look over the hedge before they leapt over the stile.
Over time, many variations have developed on the theme of humans crossing field boundaries without livestock being able to follow them. There seems often to be an element of doubt at the point at which the body crosses from one side of the boundary to the other, in a combined test of forward planning and nimbleness. Sometimes, this moment is further encumbered by a combination of decaying structure and encroaching vegetation, as a wooden step swivels underfoot just as a length of bramble snatches at clothing or skin. We’ve all been there!
Most of us are never given any guidance on how to climb over a stile. We just do it, right? But how do you do it? Do you pull, haul, lean, twist and turn? ooh, those knees don’t like twisting.
Sam who developed this course  has been mastering the art of this over many years having helped literally thousands of people over stiles. She has come up with this idea of showing you the tools you need, to make it much easier and effective; giving you more confidence so when you are out walking you will approach stiles in a whole new way.
In this 90 minute workshop, Sam will teach you how to be strong and stylish, more confident, improve your posture, be fluid and dynamic using your new skills.
Moving more effectively over a stile not only makes it safer for you, but it will also protect your knees and joints.” Impress your group as you spring over that next stile when you get home!

Photography Walk (TBC)

How to be happy snappy when out walking but capture pictures you are proud of and want to save, share and enjoy.

Some people think that you need a fancy camera with interchangeable  lenses to take good photos, but that really isn’t the case!

All you really need is an understanding of the rules of composition and how a camera works.

In this mini workshop, we’ll give you some hints and tips so that you can capture the stunning scenery on your walks during the Festival whether you are using your mobile phone or a DSLR.

Join our photography expert who will share one of the most popular weekly group sessions with you.

We will have a photo sharing group and a little competition for the best shot at the end of the weekend too so come along and learn how to spot the unusual, frame the spectacular and make your pictures a work of art!

Healthy Eating Natural foods Workshop (TBC)

Join our natural foods expert for some simple effective tips about eating well and getting your life back on balance.

How to make small changes that have a big impact on energy, weight loss and general health.

No preaching, no fads and no restrictions just good solid advice about eating well for life.

Just like our walks and workouts, our mantra is all about eating fresh and natural food where possible.

Foot Health Workshop

Fact – Our feet work hard! Each foot is made up of 26 bones, 30 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments, all of which work together to provide support, balance and mobility so it’s essential we look after them

In this workshop our experts will explore everything from preventing blisters to getting the right socks for every season!

Moisture management is key whether that’s a result of sweat or rain and of course, it’s vital to protect feet from friction too

That’s where getting shoes right is vital – we will look at cushioning, flexion, heel strike, toe room and lot more with our expert from GRUBs who has been involved in shoe design since the 80s and comes from a Family whose hand made running shoes were used by Olympic stars of 1924; Harold Abrams and Eric Liddell, featured in ‘Chariots of Fire’.

Basic Life Support Mini Workshops

Something every Walker should know – how to resuscitate somebody and how use a defibrillator. We all saw in the European Cup football how quick intervention can save lives and that it is not only older people that are at risk. You might be the first person on the scene whether on a walk, out shopping or even in your own home.

This quick workshop with our expert Mike Neary will make sure you KNOW where your local defibs are and that you know how to use them. It will also cover basic CPR .

Power of Poles

Experience the Power of poles with a qualified member of our team who will help you master the technique using a mix of strapped and unstrapped poles so you master the right way to get the results YOU want!

This session is ideal for those seeking to experience pole walking for the first time and will lead to the FREEDOM passport.

This means you can join in with Nordic walks throughout the UK (there are over 2,000 a week)

These sessions are available to non-ticket holders for £15.

ENDURANCE CHALLENGES – Tips for how to Prepare

A MUST if you are planning to join our Challenge events on the Saturday! Join our experienced distance walkers who will help you to prepare physically and mentally for these events plus any you might do in the future. They will chat through the routes, answer questions and share tips on what to carry, wear, and even what to eat the night before!  They will help with motivation and mental preparation and let you know that they will be en route and at the finish to see you through every mile.  The Challenge organisers will also be attending to brief all challenge walkers so please attend if you can. Don’t forget its also campfire BBQ night night at the Hub so stay on for a chat and something to eat.

Resistance is NOT Futile!

Join our Tutor and leading fitness presenter Denise Page to explore why adding strength (or resistance) training to your exercise regime will help you remain toned, fight the ageing process, increase calorie burning and ward off falls in later life. These simple solutions will help you to master using our specially designed resistance bands and body weight, to add that extra element to your walks.

Stretching Masterclass

We all do our basic stretches at the end of a walk but do you really know WHY? This workshop will help you appreciate how keeping muscles long and supple can improve joint mobility, lessen pain and even make you stand taller! Our experts will show you how to maximise those basic stretches and learn how to include stretching into your daily life. You will be glad you did and you certainly won’t skip or cut short the stretches at the end of a walk after this workshop!

Check out the schedule as we add the walks and workshops.
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Check my tech(nique)

Just like driving, we Nordic Walkers can fall into bad habits when it comes to technique and could do with a refresher once in a while. Even with the strictest Instructor on hand to correct you, a chat with fellow walkers or a lovely view on a walk is likely to lead to a slide in the effectiveness of how you swing the arm, plant the pole and push through your straps!

This session will help you to correct any obvious faults and get back to the basics of effective technique. Our experts will assess your Nordic Walking technique and give you some drills to work on so every pole plant gets more benefits in the future and you can go back to your group looking like a master!

Advanced Technique Workshop

Join the NWUK Tutor team and learn how to get the most from the Nordic Walking technique.

Be amazed at how a few tweaks to your technique will provide an immediate difference to your speed and comfort plus long-term improvements to posture and results.

Duration: 1 hour
Location: A (start at Festival Hub)

Yoga WALX ™

Join us for a one-hour workshop that incorporates the postural and core exercises usually performed indoors into an effective outdoor workout with or without Poles!

We will do this session at the HUB and at the beach so take the chance to take a breath, move, and simply enjoy being outdoors. This Yoga based class incorporates adapted yoga moves that work in the great outdoors – no kneeling or laying in the grass or sand. The class is suitable for complete beginners through to those with experience as the instructor offers adaptations for exercises to enable you to work at a level that is right for your body. This 1-hour class finishes with a short relaxation walk taking in the sights, sounds, and fragrances of the area.

A lovely combination of gentle but effective exercises that will compliment walking and provide you with the skill to maximise your walks forevermore!

Duration: 1 hour

Total Body Walking! - our unique walking workout

This session is proof that the world is a workout, devised by the WALX HQ team this new approach to getting the most out of every step with or without poles will help you tone up improve balance and increase range of movement. Who needs a gym when you have an instructor who can use the natural terrain and some innovative drills to provide every element of total fitness in any location?

Plenty of hills and drills on this circuit. A walk that has it all speed, balance, intervals, endurance training, technique, strength, flexibility and even mindfulness!

Corfe Castle


A simple introduction to the excitement (and frustrations!) and fitness benefits of orienteering plus navigational tools, using a smartphone and a simple-to-use app.

For those with no experience of map reading or orienteering, we will provide you with a basic introduction to the required skills (and provide you with a What3Words cheat sheet, so there is very little chance of getting lost) and you will go off in small groups to find your way around the course.

With basic map reading skills under your belt, why not try our longer course? This is available throughout the festival – just come along to the HUB reception to pick up the course details, instructions on how to use the GPS navigation app, and you’re off! Challenge yourself by simply completing the course or post your time on our WALX Navigation fun leaderboard!

There will be Prizes

Fit for the slopes - SKI FIT workshop

Join Nicky Parsons the creator of our ski fit module to master the essential elements of fitness required to make skiing enjoyable and less painful!

She will show you why you need to work on balance, weight transfer, stamina, flexibility and endurance if you want to maximise your time on the slopes and be able to stay awake in order to enjoy the apres-ski!l!

Show us your SMOOVES!

Have you ever SMOOVED? If not here’s your chance to experience the invigorating feeling provided by these rings which vibrate as you move them and also provide resistance!

Come and try some of the basic ‘Smooves’ which you can incorporate into walks or as a daily whole body regime. Originally designed as a tool for those suffering from Parkinson’s disease, because they are great for encouraging movement and neuroreceptors, they are now a recognised effective fitness tool for all levels.

Pole Walking for Rehabilitation

This session is for NW Instructors, Physios and professionals interested in pole walking in a clinical or rehabilitation setting.

Join our rehab specialists to look into the adaptation of pole walking and why strapless poles are proving to be highly effective. Following extensive work with partners in the fields of fall prevention, neurological disorders, stroke rehabilitation and other conditions, NWUK now often find these poles are preferable to the typical Nordic walking pole which the participant is strapped into.

This workshop explores this rationale which is based on features such as the ergonomic easy-grip handle, postural/balance support, shorter learning curve and the risk of complications in the event of a fall.

Equipment Advice workshop

Want to understand everything there is to know about Nordic Walking poles, shoes and gadgets? Our retail team will be on hand to help you to appreciate pole research and development and they will be showcasing innovations such as the Lesu paws and the latest kit.

Come and feel the difference between carbon and composites, try a range of paws and find out why certain shoes make your Nordic walking experience more effective.

This is your chance to ask those questions you have always wanted to ask, plus learn how to maintain and add to your Nordic walking kit.

Duration: 1 hour
Location: L13 Festival Hub