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We need more inspirational People to deliver our variety of programmes and to support our mission to build great clubs with heaps of variety. There are opportunities for those who want to be part of their local WALX team and for those who may want to operate independently too (especially as Nordic Walking UK Brand Ambassadors)

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Our unique Diploma in fitness and Nordic walking is the starting point for all those who want to encourage others to be active outdoors.


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Whether you fancy teaching Nordic Walking, Leading Explorer WALX or  delivering mindfulness or Yoga WALX - We provide quality training and need you!

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We love to upskill our amazing WALX network with inspirational courses that ensure their WALX are the best!

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Lucie Cormack

What a job I have - a client posted this today on Facebook and I'm feeling proud I'd like to encourage people to apply, I re started walking with this group last July and despite lockdowns have become so much fitter (and slimmer), exercising outdoors with other people is fab and you get to see bits of the local area you never knew existed (despite living here all my life!) You will have lots of fun at the same time as getting fitter and making friends

Lucie Cormack

Emma White

I love changing lives but am not 'businessy' but the team help with all of that - I have just launched a campaign today  5 enquiries already plus and a call from the organiser at local Parkinson's group who wants members to get walking with poles!! Exciting times

Emma White


I am amazed at the response to the launch campaign. It has generated lots of good quality customer leads in just a few days. Many have already registered and booked their first sessions. I really didn’t think I would have so many potential customers in such a short space of time. The database helps with the communication and correspondence. It would be so easy to get lost without it when speaking to so many people in a short space of time. It’s brilliant!   The fact that every one of the people who has joined us for an activity so far has re-booked or purchased goods from me has really boosted my morale and confidence. Going from having no customers, to having loyal customers in a few weeks has made an amazing difference! The systems really work!


Janine, Reading

My dream to be a fitness instructor was realised faster than awink. From the day I called to make enquiries to the day I passed the Diploma, I had my website up and running with social media support to create the noise to announce I was open for business. I tested the patience and skills of the Exercise Anywhere team who support us in all matters related to training, sales, IT and beyond. I can now get on with what I love (the walking stuff). Exercise Anywhere have the infrastructure and experience which we can piggy back on, such as the marketing suite, website SEOs, online booking, business planning and development which allows you to grow without headaches and guesswork. This is a no-brainer if your dream is to be in business, not working on a business.

Janine, Reading

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