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WALX Community Projects

Our TEAM have extensive experience in the delivery of walking based exercise referral and physical activity promotion projects.

WALX provide complete packages for LOCAL AUTHORITY PROJECTS, CLINICS, CARE HOMES, HEALTH WALKS and CHARITIES. Participants can be signposted to the wider WALX programme where they can enjoy safe WALX at the right level anywhere in the UK.

Our simple solutions match the skills of your employees/volunteers and with the training and tools they need to deliver a safe and sustainable programme. We can also provide and advise on insurance, equipment, health screening, risk assessment plus participation reporting. Our tailor made packages will ensure the outcomes you want and work within your budget.

Here are just a few EXAMPLES of our COMMUNITY projects to date


The Community WALX Swindon project is an initiative set up by Swindon Borough Council and the Live Well Swindon team in collaboration with WASPs (Wiltshire and Swindon Sports Partnership) and funding via a Sport England bid

This initiative aims to provide low cost peer led WALX Activator pole walking in green spaces all over Swindon.

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In conjunction with BH Live this project was funded by Sport England and aims to provide low cost pole walking with the WALX Activator strapless poles.

The WALX will be delivered by the health walks Team, Exercise referral team and a host of volunteers trained to be WALX Community Coaches.

Wakefield Community Project

Coordinated by Wakefield Council (Health Improvement department funded by Public Health) and started in 1999 as Health Walks and later as Nordic Walks in 2011.

Today an average of 200 individual walkers attend the FREE Nordic Walking sessions over 10 locations on 5 week days.

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Errdig National Trust

Nordic Walking group started about 7 years ago as part of a National Trust initiative called ‘Let the Outdoors Move You’ but has since evolved into its current form since late 2015.

A low cost £1 a walk donation sees between 80 and 100 walkers per week

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Nordic Walking group set by the local Council in 2013. 6- 7 walks per week, a mix of FREE walks once a quarter plus a monthly package of £15 a month which provides access to Workout Walks.

Currently attracting an average of 558 walkers per month. 4 Instructors and 19 volunteer leaders.

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Active Walks Sefton project started in 2011 by Sefton Council/Public Health team. The project has 12 walks a week with average attendance of 200 people per week.

The team which comprises of 1 NWUK Instructor 1 Comm. Instructor and 19 leaders offer Free walks, courses & poles

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Initially we worked to develop a project for the Integrated Falls service in 2014 but this soon expanded into other Departments and to date we have trained circa 40 physios to use poles within the neuro, mental health and community outreach programmes. The focus is on empowering patients to lead their peers too.

Our WALX Activator poles are perfect for falls prevention, Rehabilitation, Parkinson’s Disease etc and we always provide signposting into our regular WELLNESS WALX for those who are ready to explore further

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