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We are excited at HQ because we are almost ready to launch our new simplified way to BOOK, BUY, access BENEFITS and gain REWARDS!

As we have evolved over the years (our NWUK website is over 10 years old now!) we have added a number of new initiatives but often they involved separate log ins and were, let’s face, it a bit clunky to use! We do listen to your feedback and have been busy not just ironing out a few frustrations but TOTALLY revamping the customer experience. No longer will you need to log in to the Exercise Anywhere booking portal to book activities but elsewhere to gain discount codes or save in our store!

Coming soon, our all new Members dashboard will not only enable you to view and update everything in one place but it comes with a host of new additions to make BOOKING, BUYING, accessing BENEFITS and gaining REWARDS really simple and up to date at all times.

This new initiative is the start of something much BIGGER and our NWUK Members will be the first to experience it.  You will have heard of our new brand WALX and you will notice that the Membership area  and store will be using that brand in future because we are widening our reach to attract all walkers and not just polers! HOWEVER, we will NOT be moving away from NORDIC WALKING UK in any way and the re vamp of the NWUK website will be in the next phase of development. Both brands are intrinsically linked so it makes sense to give Members access to everything from day one and we know you will be glad we did!

You will only need ONE LOG IN and from there you can update your details and medical questionnaire at any time but also see the following:-

  • Your transaction History – what have you paid for and booked in the past
  • Your Payment packages – Choose how to pay for your activities – Pay n Play, Pre payment or Direct Debit (you can change this simply too)

Other exciting features have also been added so you can access all of the information you need in one place. Of course if you are also an APP user, this experience will soon be available at your fingertips via our NEW WALX APP too.

A key part of your Membership is how to access benefits and now its simple with the useful additions below

  • Your virtual Membership card (Great for flashing in those partnered outdoor stores!)
  • A comprehensive list of the benefits you are entitled to plus the codes for shopping on line (also great for use in a store where the staff may not be on top of things!)
  • Our new joined up system will also now always KNOW that you are a Member so when you pop into our own on line store ( soon to be the flash new WALX store) it will automatically show you the discounted prices – remember you save 10% on everything form paws and straps to backpacks and more
  • Longer term the Festival bookings will also tie in to the same area and you obviously save when you book tickets for our amazing events too.

As communication is essential but also can sometimes be a bit too much, we want YOU to be in charge of the communications you receive from us and also the ways you get them (coming soon)

On your new dashboard you will be able to log in to a notification and communication section where you can change your preferences at any time. It will be simple to do the following:-

  • Manage which news and updates you wish to receive from your local, any other groups you join at any point plus, of course, us at HQ
  • You can also choose how you might like to receive these in the future as we explore TEXT reminders for class bookings etc and group What’s App messages (see below)

And one last exciting NEW feature which the eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed is the introduction of our new REWARDS scheme which we call our SMILAGE POINTS!

YES! Every time you attend a walk you will be earning SMILAGE POINTS based both on the MILES and the INTENSITY of the session. So if you walk 5 hilly miles or join in a workout session or two, you will earn extra points as a REWARD for your effort! Watch this space for how you can redeem these points but rest assured, the more active you are the more benefits you will gain!

So, please bear with us as we get everything finalised and we will of course, keep you in the loop. The good news is that YOU will not need to do a thing as we will auto transfer your log ins and if you like just booking directly via the Exercise Anywhere as you have done before ….nothing will change!



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