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WORKPLACE WALX set to GROW in 2020

As  more companies take steps (pardon the pun) to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees, walking has to be the perfect solution. It can be done pretty much anywhere, involves minimal changes in clothing and gets people outdoors too! It can harness the power of nature, relax the neck and shoulders and does not have to make people too uncomfortable and sweaty either.

As workplace initiatives begin to accelerate, companies are looking for ways to encourage their staff to be more active and take more care of their mental health. Walking does both with every step but also provides ways that staff can engage with each other and build team spirit.

Walking meetings are a great way to touch base to brain storm ideas and can be more productive than sitting is a stuffy boardroom. Having a workplace WALX club also helps to generate cross department relationships which fosters a stronger respect and understanding for what colleagues actually do!

A recent Deloitte Corporate Wellness Report found that 78% of employers are looking to invest in physical activity programs in the next three years, whilst being active is also the focus of schemes already in place.

According to the report, on-site fitness classes are among the most popular current offerings from employers which is why WALX is set to be a great solution for UK companies. In the US fitness sessions at work were offered by 70% of  corporations which had a wellness programme in 2018. Many also offered memberships of external gyms at discounted rates which is also something the WALX concept provides. We aim to provide companies with the ability to run their own WORKPLACE WALX but also signpost their employees to the wider WALX programme so they can continue to be active in their free time. This flexible approach provides access to thousands of inspirational WALX at times that suit.

In addition to general walking we think its great add in some elements of mindfulness, perhaps Yoga or Tai Chi to daily WALX and this often encourages more employees to take part. Similarly, a good WALX Master will be able to add some oomph to workplace WALX by adding upper and body exercises, some Nordic walking or circuits which are great where space is limited.

Finally, by offering training for employees to become WALX guides or champions we can make sure that our Workplace programmes are both affordable and sustainable” says Innes Kerr from WALX HQ

A great example of how a workplace incentive worked for one Lady is Pam’s story – she lost 8 stone after a wellbeing group at her Employer Aviva set up a Nordic Walking Taster with one of our NWUK Instructors

“Following a routine appointment with a nurse at my local surgery, I was told a few home truths about being overweight (nothing I didn’t know already), however, the way in which I was told was really quite hurtful. This was the push I needed to make me seriously think about how to make some changes to my lifestyle. I needed to think consciously about what I was eating, also drinking (the wine would have to go) and start planning meals a bit more etc etc. I was offered a referral to Slimming World which I accepted. So this was the start…
Having decided that the answer was not just a diet alone, some regular exercise would be needed, but what to choose? Being overweight, I couldn’t face going to the gym! Around the same time, there were some free Norfolk Nordic Walking Taster sessions being organised by our Aviva Wellbeing Group at work. I thought this could be it, a good way to incorporate some regular exercise, so signed up. Anyone can walk, right? Well, as it turns out, there is a bit of a technique to master, but in the capable hands of our instructor, Rebecca, I soon had my ‘NWUK Passport’ and was on my way.
Just over a year ago when I started, I was the one always at the back huffing and puffing, trying to keep up with the others. What a difference a year makes. Now it’s a different story. I can’t believe how much my fitness has improved over the year. Some niggling hip pain from osteoarthritis is now non-existent. I am no longer at the back of the group, nearer the front. I have bags more energy, so much so, I have joined Rebecca and the Norfolk Nordic Walking Team to compete in the 2020 Marriott’s Way Half Marathon in February, being nearly eight stone lighter!
Rebecca runs two workout sessions a week up at Broadland Business Park which I regularly attend (shifts allowing). As these sessions take place straight after work, I just love the convenience of it. I can get straight out of the office after a stressful day at work and we soon get walking at a brisk pace to blow away the cobwebs. The hour flies by.
I cannot recommend this form of exercise enough. It has helped me immensely over the past year. In fact you could say, it has changed my life. If you don’t know what to do to get a bit more active, please try this. You will be welcomed into a friendly group of like minded people of mixed ability and I’m sure you’ll fit right in.”

If you would like to introduce a WORKPLACE WALX or NORDIC WALX programme to your company call WALX on 0333 1234 540.





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