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Who we are

The WALX team is a group of experienced professionals who are passionate about promoting the physical, mental and social benefits of physical activity and who believe that these benefits can be delivered by inspiring more people to be more active in the outdoors.

Drawing upon more than 100 years collective experience in leisure, fitness and outdoor activity, the founders of WALX have created an outdoor activity experience that is suitable for people of all ages, abilities and interests and where the enjoyment and sociability are equally as important as physical activity.

Our values

We put safety first in all that we do; all activities, business systems and practical training are designed to protect the safety and well-being of participants and instructors.

We aim to exceed customer expectations; our activities and processes are carefully structured to ensure that our instructors and their customers benefit from variety, progression and personal development.

We are inspirational; our activities, processes and people inspire our instructors and their customers to achieve more than they could have done without our influence and support.

We create results by design; all activities, programmes and business processes incorporate best practice as well as specialist knowledge and experience in order to make them effective.

We transform lives; our activities, programmes, systems and processes transform the lives of our instructors and their customers.

We have fun; all of our programmes promote sociability and community.

Our mission

To transform lives by empowering motivated individuals to engage with and support people to participate in physical activity in the outdoors that creates real benefits in physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

To encourage diversity in the workforce and enable motivated individuals to promote and deliver physical activity in outdoor spaces as an affordable and sustainable business regardless of their background, qualifications or experience.

To develop safe and effective walking programmes that appeal to a broad range of people of all ages, interests and abilities and that deliver tangible physical, mental and social benefits. Walx programmes empower participants so that they understand what they need to do and why they need to do it to achieve their personal goals.

To make physical activity accessible and appealing to a broad range of people who may not otherwise be active in sport and exercise and particularly in the outdoors. Our methodology is to base exercise around social interaction whilst harnessing the mood boosting benefits of being outdoors, so that the health benefits are a by-product of a positive and enjoyable experience.

To contribute to the sustainability of the National Health Service by getting more people more active more often.

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