Wellness Walx

Gentle WALX that incorporate balance work, flexibility and strength or a bit of Tai Chi, Yoga and relaxation. We have a range of WALX for those who want to connect with nature and work out in harmony with it. Ideal if you are keen to chill out, get back into exercise, have a health condition or simply want to move well and be fit for life!

Wellness Walx

Just a few examples of what might be included in your WELLNESS WALX – our fully trained WALX Masters will constantly add variety and progression to make sure you build fitness, improve health, reduce stress and work around any limitations that may be holding you back.

Smovey Vibroswings

Originally developed to help with the symptons of Parkinson’s disease, these amazing rings add variable resistance whilst also providing vibration. Known to aid relaxation but also increase range of movement and massage nerve endings they can be used for a range of gentle wellness exercises.

Tai Chi and Yoga

The ultimate outdoor mind, body experience. Our fully trained WALX Masters will combine a mindful walk with gentle Tai Chi movements for wellbeing  exercises and yoga poses to help you connect with nature and benefit from mastering how to gain total relaxation using these ancient techniques.

Balance & Falls Prevention

Using the strapless Activator walking poles, your WALX Master will help you to improve balance, posture and stability with these gentle but effective exercises that can be incorporated into daily life. Following our principle that movement is medicine, these drills will help you stay active for longer.

Mobility & Breathing Exercises

As well as gentle sociable WALX, our wellness concept is designed to ensure all components of fitness are included. This means we concentrate on elements such as flexibility, joint mobility and maximising deep breathing as well as the typical exercises.

Strength and Conditioning

Using bands, partners, bodyweight exercises and other unique equipment, we will keep you strong, supple and toned. Fun sessions at your own level delivered by skilled and supportive WALX Masters.