Gloria shares her love of Nordic Walking and finding her Tribe

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Gloria started Nordic Walking in 2016. She has enjoyed the many benefits of Nordic Walking including the wellbeing aspect of being outdoors in beautiful scenery.

One morning, whilst doing 1-2-1 walks during Lockdown (2020) Gloria asked if she could have a positive spiritually uplifting WALX.
She shared her week, offloading the stuff that was weighing her down as we Nordic walked to Sulham Woods.
Once in the woods, we walked through sunlit trees; it felt like we’re we travelling through mystical ancient woodlands that time has forgotten.
The moment inspired us to find the perfect spot for the spiritually uplifting and healing Chi Fusion Flow session.
The woodland gift for Gloria was to restore her beautiful smile and allow her to move lightly, all negative energy dispensed of.
We don’t just walk, we WALX. What WALX will help you? The diary is still open to help you through Lockdown 2 and beyond.
Members have been invited to share what getting out for a walk means to them. These are words straight from the heart.
Gloria shares, not just the need for walking but also having her “tribe” around her.
We are not just a walking club but a caring supportive community keeping your mind, body and soul fit and healthy, with a positive spirit and a zest for life.


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