The power of trees

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We all know that being outdoors is a wonderful tonic and of course being active outdoors is even better!

That’s why I am so delighted to be delivering my sessions in the amazing Chopwell woods as part of the partnership with Forestry England. Not only is it a beautifully managed site with lovely paths and great facilities but the trees make it extra special

No, I haven’t lost the plot! It’s a fact…….. Trees are not only vital for the planet due to their ability to provide oxygen, stabilise the soil and store carbon but they benefit our health and wellbeing too.

Here are just a few ways they impact on our health

They provide shade and protect us from the suns ray (solar radiation)

They filter dust and pollutants – each tree can remove a staggering  1.7 kilos a year!

Many tress also have medicinal properties and not only in their leaves and bark –  some actually emit healing oils too

The most powerful way they impact on us however, is how thy can make us feel. Their beauty, their ever changing canopies, the sound of their leaves and the dappled light they create as you walk through a forest is magical. It is also proven to reduce blood pressure, reduce heart rate and help decrease stress levels.

In fact in Japan, they have Forest clinics where people go for a dose of Forest therapy after they discovered how those who could just see greenery healed faster after operations –  this was improved further if they actually went into the Forest.

So, that’s why I offer a variety of WALX that will get you moving whilst you are benefiting from the power of trees too.

Added to that, Trees help to reduce noise, protect us from the wind and provide a home for wildlife so it’s good to know that they are being looked after by the local Rangers.






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