Inspirational Member – Sue Pratt

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Sue Pratt joined us as one of our first members in 2016. She came for her TASTER with her sister-in-law Patsy, plus friends Mary and Susan. They were a fun group who soon made friends with the only other person attending, Pauline. They all took to Nordic Walking from the off.

Sue had previously had health problems and had come with the support of the others. She had recovered a stroke and had asthma. At the start even with the low intensity Sue clearly found it hard work and needed to take breaks, her inhaler got plenty of use! However, there was clearly a determination that Sue intended to change her lifestyle. Back then we had no idea how far she was going to succeed.

Fast forward to 2020. Sue is an incredible 7 stone lighter. Sue originally started with the well-being walks. Now she attends the longer walks (Nordic WALX) and the outdoor workout sessions (TBW). She also joins in with the Virtual Aerobics and HIT. Sue rarely uses her inhaler during sessions. Her motivation is infectious and she has become a role model for other members as they are now asking her for advise on how she turned her life around.

Obviously we cannot take all the credit for her success; Sue changed her lifestyle habits including her diet (without starving herself) and now enjoys an active lifestyle. She walks to her part-time job at the school and enjoys the fact that she can get out on her bike with her husband.

We are all very proud of Sue; she is inspirational.

We are also proud of the fact that Patsy, Mary and Pauline are still regular members and have achieved their own goals. Mary and Pauline competed the Beachy Head Marathon and Pauline is a Technique coach leading regular walks.


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