No such thing as bad weather!

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You might be thinking that now the weather is getting colder, the evenings and mornings are darker, and the paths are getting muddy, its not a good time to walk?


But the truth is, it is the best time to get outside and enjoy the elements. There is nothing nicer than wrapping up in the right clothes and getting outside to enjoy the elements.


Winter walks provide us with wonderful views and colours. Your favourite summer walk will be a whole new experience. You can often see further as the trees will be less dense. The sea and rivers often look a different colour and the seasonal changes in plant life can be fantastic.


Walking in groups gives you the reassurance of safety in numbers and walking with a WALX group means all routes are risk assessed.


It is important to wear layers, rather than one big coat. If you layer up it is easy to take things off or add another top. Waterproof clothing is an advantage as it obviously keeps you drier and tends to be lighter and easier to store in a bag when not needed. Waterproof over-trousers are a game changer! Simply slip them over the top of your regular walking trousers as they save you from the water drips coming off your coat.


Bring a hat and gloves (you can wear them with strapped as well as strapless poles).


It is a good idea to use a rucksack which can take the extra clothing. Some come with waterproof covers or keep your extra clothing in a plastic bag inside the rucksack.


Ideally your shoes will be waterproof but if that is not the case, simply remember to bring a dry spare pair as well as clean dry socks. Bring a towel to take the dampness away from your feet. It is vital your shoes have a good grip, especially if there is a chance the ground is slippery.


Nordic walkers obviously appreciate the advantage of having poles to help with balance especially when the terrain is wet and muddy.


If you are not stopping for coffee at the end of a walk, why not bring a flask you can keep in the car? You can have a few sips whilst changing out of your wet shoes.


When people first join us in the summer months’ they often say they probably will not come if it is wet. But once they have the bug, they are out in all weathers.


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