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As you know, the clocks have now changed! Is that a YAY I hear?


I know I am already enjoying the lighter evenings. How quickly your mood can be lifted from seeing a bluer sky is incredible.  Who else has fallen for the blue skies means arms out and shorts already, but actually I wish I remembered my coat (Burrr!).


As we lead into longer days and transition from winter into the spring/summer months, let’s consider why we should take advantage of this.  Why should we get outside more? Here are a few reasons to start planning your outdoor activities this season.


The warmth from the change of weather can help with any niggles and tightness from the winter months and the lack of mobility.  The heat can really help with mobilising the joints, get the blood flowing and even improve flexibility.  You automatically feel better being in the sunshine.  Do always remember to wear your sunscreen and hydrate, but that shouldn’t stop you from embracing the outdoors.


The longer days give greater opportunity to explore the outdoors.  The fresh air and beautiful scenery can have physical and mental wellbeing gains.  Seeing the blossoms and blue skies… doesn’t it just put a smile on your face before you’ve even really done anything.  You will notice it lifts your spirits, reduces stress levels and even improves your focus and concentration.


The all-important vitamin D.  Vitamin D had a big spotlight in the pandemic, and now we are in the warmer months we can get vitamin D naturally from the sunlight.  It is important to keep our bones, teeth, and muscles healthy.  Of course, you can still get vitamin D from your diet and supplements, but the body can create vitamin D from sun on the skin.  Save the supplements for the winter months and try get your daily dose naturally.  Stay safe but do take advantage of the natural source.  Further information about vitamin D and the amount you should intake can be found on the following NHS resource


Being outdoors means we can mix up our exercise activities we may have been completing over the winter.  Different movement and varying your training will challenge the body in different ways, improving your physical health and fitness levels.  We can walk for longer, walk on different terrain, include more inclines etc. Let’s keep building on our fitness.


The more time we have in the day gives further opportunity to be social, which creates opportunities to share interests and catch up with friends.  This alone has mental wellbeing benefits.  Let’s put zoom and facetime away, and actually catch-up face to face in the fresh air.


Did you know being outdoors more can improve your sleep quality. Enjoying an afternoon or early evening walk can relax you, take you away from screens and reduce levels of worry.  Better sleep quality has a direct link to improved brain function, hormonal, and immune systems.  I can’t think of a better reason than that!


These are only a few reasons as to why we should take advantage of the clocks changing to summertime, but important reminders to get out of our winter routines and enjoy the beautiful countryside and coasts we have here in Sussex.  We will be introducing more walks over the warmer months and new sessions, so do keep an eye out on everything we have coming up over the next few months.  It is an exciting time to get involved with Coast and Country.  We hope to see you out and about soon!

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