Take Time Out to Watch the World Go By!

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Like all of us I have had to wait a very long time (14 months) to get my hair done. I have dreadlocks and it might surprise you that although we do not have to get our hair cut or brush it on a regular basis , there is a lot to do to keep dreads neat and tidy. In total after 7.5 hours (x2 sittings) my wonderful Deadlock Monkey (Jamie) made me feel human again.

Jamie has placed the chair to look out of an open window. There is no mirror to stare at….

The view is the wonderful South Downs. In the distance you can see cows grazing and the odd walker. In the foreground there is a blanket of trees turning green. The wind is constant, making the trees sway and spread the blossom like snow.

There is a huge variety of birds circling in the sky. They look so graceful as the hover and glide making the most of the thermals.

Jamie is a music lover and plays a fantastic variety of tunes that have lyrics with meaning; what I call thoughtful songs.

When left I felt  great and initially, I thought it was the relief my hair had been sorted. However, on reflection I realise it is the whole experience.

It is widely reported that spending time in nature is good for our mental health, but what I experienced was, simply observing nature and taking time out to appreciate it made a huge difference to my mental state.

When I first arrived, I was concerned about wasting my time just sitting. I had taken my laptop with the intention to get some work done. However, I had forgotten I could not wear my glasses whilst having my hair done. I had to sit and accept my fate. Slowly I felt my body relax as I watched the world around me.

It made me realise the importance of taking time out. I had my stillness enforced upon me, but we can force ourselves to STOP AND BE IN THE MOMENT.

Sitting here and writing this blog has taken me back to Jamie’s chair. We can get a lot of feel- good vibes from re-living calm moments in time.

Next month I am attending a Forest Bathing course, I am really looking forward to it. If I can get so many benefits from sitting in a room observing nature, I cannot imagine how good I am going to feel after learning how to truly experience it.

Watch this space to see how the course goes and when it will be part of our programme!

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