The twelve tips for Christmas…

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Christmas shouldn’t be a stressful affair! Why not try out some of these December tips to keep things simple and fun over the Christmas break.


The twelve tips for Christmas…


  1. Plan ahead and ensure you plan in rest days.  You don’t need to pack everything into the 6 days from Christmas to New Year.  Start it early and plan ahead.
    2.     Wrap your gifts as you purchase them.  This saves you from the panic wrapping night when you realise the mammoth task you have set yourself.
    3.     If you are planning to be a star baker this season, remember to leave your butter out the night before!
    4.     To keep the grandkids entertained you can make some simple reindeer food for Christmas eve night!  It usually involves bird feed and provides some entertainment leading up to the big day.
    5.     Keep hold of egg cartons.  They are great for storing small ornaments.  Who knew!
    6.     Collecting pinecones makes some lovely decorations for indoors.  Another fun activity for the family.  Just remember to bake them after to keep the bugs out.
    7.     Always prep the veg the day before.  And don’t forget to put the bubbles in the fridge!  No one wants warm bubbles.
    8.     Have a game ready for Christmas day.  It always brings laughter on the day and can get family off their phones.
    9.     Reach out to friends and family who you haven’t managed to catch up with recently.  Save a date to have a good old catch up, whether it is face to face or over the phone.  We all know how to use zoom now, right?!
    10.  Stock up on batteries.  There is always one gift which requires batteries which you haven’t planned for.
    11.  Have the Christmas playlist to the ready.  Get it set in advance and it will bring joy on Christmas day, creating a fun atmosphere.
    12.  If you are the cook on Christmas day, why not suggest a family/dog walk an hour before you serve the food.  It will give you a good hour to focus on the cooking and not have anyone interfere!

It is always good to share your tips.  If you have more, do leave a comment.  We would love to hear them

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