The Great Lockdown Slimdown

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Inspirational Weight Loss – How these 3 men managed to lose 8 stone between them during the 2020 lockdown!

Since March 2020 these members of WALX Derwent and Dales, run by Samantha Armstrong, have each achieved an amazing weight loss. A good news story to come out of the pandemic making these three men lighter, fitter, stronger and feeling great.

Here Ralph, Jonathan and John share with us how they have done it!

Ralph Eales – WALX Derwent and Dales Walk Guide

“After Christmas 2019 the ever-increasing mass and especially waistline in photographs of myself from recent Nordic Walks, along with the confirmatory reading on the weighing scales, convinced me of the urgent requirement to lose some weight. How to do it? I would certainly need some help and support from friends and associates and to this end I chose to undertake a sponsored slim with the aim of losing 1 ½ lbs. and with an official weigh-in at 17st 1lb., my ambition was to end up below the 14 stone mark.

Diet; cutting out most foods that I knew I should not be eating such as pork pies, pizzas, cakes, biscuits, puddings, chocolate etc, along with portion control; with the onset of Covid-19 I opted for home deliveries of food, limited to 30 items by my provider, and thereby restricted to only the more healthy options.

A daily walk with my Nordic Walking (NW) poles became the norm, as part of organised walks with WAX Derwent and Dales whenever possible, with the Saturday largely becoming my “rest’ day and upping my weekly mileage; 56 miles in one of the weeks”.

Another spin-off of the pandemic was the introduction of almost daily ZOOM physical activities led by my Instructor Samantha Armstrong.

She has been able to offer virtual exercise classes during lockdown as well as continuing them throughout the year, which I could conduct in my own living room. I also then extended these activities outside the normal ZOOM sessions, especially during advert breaks whilst watching TV.

With the weight loss having now been achieved, there is now the continuing need for me to at least maintain this loss and maybe even further reduce my mass; lots of Nordic Walking, healthy eating; New Year Resolutions? An annual Nordic Walking mileage target of 1,000 (20 per week (p/w)), 1,500 (30 p/w), 2,000 (40 p/w), 2,500 (50 p/w)?Watch this space!

Jonathan Pizzey – WALX Derwent and Dales member

Jon, finding himself with more time on his hands during the first lockdown, increased his exercise regime.  Jon has been a keen member of the WALX group attending the more intensive sessions including Speedhyking and Pep up Your Step.

Jon comments “I’ve managed to lose just over two and a half stone since early spring through walking daily, come rain or shine, sometimes with and sometimes without poles. Walks have been for 3 to 4 miles plus a couple of 10 mile walks each week, and also taking part in WALX Derwent and Dales excellent Pep up the Pace sessions at Allestree on Saturday mornings with Colin Mclean, one of Sam’s WALX Coaches. The best thing is that apart from cutting out unnecessary snacking is that I’ve not had to change my diet.”

John Beddoes – WALX Derwent and Dales Walk Guide

John Beddoes who has recently qualified to be a WALX guide for Samantha, puts his weight loss of an amazing 2.5 stones down to three things. John tells us here how he has shed the pounds:

“The weight loss has occurred due to the increased exercise programme I have been doing on ZOOM (at least three times a week) lead by WALX Derwent and Dales; the walking combined with exercise with the group when not in lockdown, and the healthy eating regime and a reduction in the amount eaten I have undertaken since the first lockdown”.

When John started walking with the group, he was struggling with his fitness levels and whilst he rarely missed his weekly walk, he was usually found at the back. With encouragement, John signed up to become a Direct Debit member which meant he was now able to join the walks at least 3 x per week.

Throughout the lockdown periods, Samantha Armstrong switched the outdoor group exercise model for a range of indoor group fitness classes via ZOOM.  This provided a perfect solution for the WALX group members, to ensure that they were able to maintain their fitness and stay healthy in both body and mind and of course still have lots of laughs together.  John used a combination of these plus his regular walking and healthy eating plan and the weight dropped off. John will be found at the front of the group these days!

When not under restricted government guidelines Samantha offers introduction courses to learn how to use poles for walking, regular weekly walks of various levels, weekend Explorer walks for non-pole and pole users. trips and holidays abroad.

Contact Samantha for more information or your local WALX group.

WALX is a walking club with a unique twist. Our WALX Masters, Coaches and Guides are professional, qualified and passionate about making our WALX unforgettable!

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