British Bluebells

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British bluebells (Hyacinthoides non-scripta)

This is a truly wonderful time of year. As the bright yellow of the daffodils bring us hope of Spring with Easter soon upon us we then look forward to the majestic carpet of blue bells  taking advantage of the warmth in the Spring sunshine with longer daylight hours before the canopy of the forest and ancient woodlands  blocks the light to the woodland floor.   Bluebells are the symbol of humility, constancy, gratitude and everlasting love and nothing. If you have ever had the experience of seeing this magnificent display i am sure you will agree with all the bluebell represents.

It really is breathtaking.



The British Bluebell droops not to be confused with the Spanish Bluebell which is very upright and has tiny blue flowers all the way around  its stem.   They are invaluable to the woodland’s  ecosystem being the first of the flowers providing nectar to butterflies, bees and hoverflies.   Bluebells have medicinal properties for stemming bleeding, and as a diuretic, there is ongoing research into its properties for cancer treatments.

So if you can find a woodland near you to see this incredible display  mid April you will not be disappointed

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