WALX Solihull is set to improve local walking programme

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WALX Solihull is busy building a full schedule of all WALX types so as the UK eases out of Lockdown 2, people will be able enjoy safe outdoor exercise that really works

The first thing we aim to do is improve on the provision of Nordic Walking by supporting the existing group which was set up by Alsion Sabine prior to her move out of the area. This brilliant group have carried on walking every walk under the supervision of trained Walk Leader Fiona Clark. “Fiona has been amazing” says Gill Stewart from WALX HQ ” every week she has made sure there were at least two walks for people to book into, whatever the weather” she adds

“Fiona was keen to keep the group going but did not want the responsibility of teaching newcomers or adding more sessions for those seeking wellness or more workout biased sessions, so we are delighted that Mandie can now take over those tasks and make sure that Fion’s walks continue but more choice and tuition sessions are added too”

Watch this space for a full programme, lot’s of fun and effective sessions right on your doorstep! Remember…… WE ARE COVID SECURE too read more HERE 

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