Monthly Photography WALX

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 Group teaching, technical help and guidance with advice to capture those special images with our resident professional photographer. Join us on our monthly Photography WALX with or without poles.

February days bring weather with them.  Not even halfway through and we have seen mist, frost, rain, sleet and of course the unremitting grey of February skies.  These are all brilliant opportunities to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary – the best photographs often come from the least promise mainly because we are forced to look more closely and carefully to get the image we want.  Last week I was walking through woodland on a very grey day when my eye was caught by a flash of green, looking more closely I could see it was lichen on some blackthorn branches.  Looking even more closely, I could see all the different shades of green and the upturned mushroom shapes of the lichen itself.  Amazing!


I also played around with some ice pictures.

If you want to know how I did this and have a go yourselves (it’s very easy), have a look at my February screencast. I also run through some ideas for our next photo walk on the 24th February.

Today there is brilliant sun so I’m off to photograph my favourite trees in all their bare winter glory. Maria Zegallo

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