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Become a WALX Franchisee with the UK’s leading walking and outdoor fitness experts. We’re looking for motivated people to join our rapidly growing network. If you have the energy, drive and enthusiasm to deliver WALX award winning programmes, we’ll provide expert training and all the support that you need to succeed! We have a proven model driven by industry experts that we want to share with you. If you think you can help us change lives, including your own, complete the registration form and we will provide you with the information you need.

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If you're motivated, passionate about being active and helping others to be too.....  you will be rewarded!

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Our Franchisees have the opportunity to create a very unique “Walx Club” within a protected territory. The structure follows a similar pattern to that of running a Health Club, except there are no walls and the programmes are fun and inspirational. We will provide the tools and training for you to fully explore all market opportunities and we can tailor YOUR Franchise to the area and size of business you desire. We have 'Lifestyle' Franchises for those who want to deliver themselves and Management Franchises for those seeking to create a more robust model over a wider territory.  Our Management Franchisees will represent us in a region,  liaise with our important National Partners such as Forestry England, Community projects, Hospitals, Physios and major employers within their area and create a network of WALX Masters, Coaches, and Guides to deliver our award winning concept. They will also mentor and support those delivering in the Green spaces and help make WALX accessible to as many people as possible

Exercise Anywhere has built a bespoke on-line booking, management, medical screening and activity monitoring system. This will provide a unique and innovative tool for our Franchisees whilst providing a user friendly interface for the public to book their chosen WALX. The technology will also provide the vehicle to allow flexible payment options including monthly direct debit; a tried and tested system in the fitness industry to ensure guaranteed income streams.

Management Franchisees will also gain local delivery contracts, corporate clients and income from retail sales and more. This is an opportunity not to be missed!

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If you are not ready to run a Franchise area why not ask us about our team training opportunities in your area. We need inspirational people to deliver our full range of WALX in every area of the UK - tell us what sort of WALX you feel you could offer us.......

Other opportunities with the WALX group

If running a Full Franchise is a step too far for you but you love the idea of what we do, worry not! We will need a host of WALX guides, Coaches and Masters to support our Franchisees to deliver the variety of WALX we want to make available right across the UK

Check out our training academy website for information about our comprehensive training courses both with WALX and Nordic Walking UK.

So whether you fancy guiding some inspirational WALX, teaching Nordic WALX technique courses or delivering yoga WALX, Rehab WALX or a total body WALX circuit get in touch and we will discuss the options available in your area.

Step up and be part of the WALX revolution!  See our training page

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Lucie Cormack

What a job I have - a client posted this today on Facebook and I'm feeling proud I'd like to encourage people to apply, I re started walking with this group last July and despite lockdowns have become so much fitter (and slimmer), exercising outdoors with other people is fab and you get to see bits of the local area you never knew existed (despite living here all my life!) You will have lots of fun at the same time as getting fitter and making friends

Lucie Cormack

Emma White

I love changing lives but am not 'businessy' but the team help with all of that - I have just launched a campaign today  5 enquiries already plus and a call from the organiser at local Parkinson's group who wants members to get walking with poles!! Exciting times

Emma White


I am amazed at the response to the launch campaign. It has generated lots of good quality customer leads in just a few days. Many have already registered and booked their first sessions. I really didn’t think I would have so many potential customers in such a short space of time. The database helps with the communication and correspondence. It would be so easy to get lost without it when speaking to so many people in a short space of time. It’s brilliant!   The fact that every one of the people who has joined us for an activity so far has re-booked or purchased goods from me has really boosted my morale and confidence. Going from having no customers, to having loyal customers in a few weeks has made an amazing difference! The systems really work!


Janine, Reading

My dream to be a fitness instructor was realised faster than awink. From the day I called to make enquiries to the day I passed the Diploma, I had my website up and running with social media support to create the noise to announce I was open for business. I tested the patience and skills of the Exercise Anywhere team who support us in all matters related to training, sales, IT and beyond. I can now get on with what I love (the walking stuff). Exercise Anywhere have the infrastructure and experience which we can piggy back on, such as the marketing suite, website SEOs, online booking, business planning and development which allows you to grow without headaches and guesswork. This is a no-brainer if your dream is to be in business, not working on a business.

Janine, Reading

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